Thursday, 26 January 2012

Todays Meditation

Well I haven't done one in a long time but had got hold of some new music to try. With that the compelling impulse to meditate arose and it had to be done. There wasn't anything significant to report from it really but what I had experienced wasn't like anything I've felt before.

Before I began I asked my guides to step forward and aid me through this meditation and aid me as I connected to the spirit world, which they did do.

During the meditation, I was taken down some stairs and led through into a long chamber like room. On the walls there was a plague that read - Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday are all now. All one.
I was then led from that room to another set of stairs that rose upwards, now this is where it gets strange, during this point it felt as though someone was applying pressure upon my forehead, where the third eye could be found. As I walked up the stairs with my guide to my side, I could see someone waiting at the top, but don't ask for a description because it's near impossible for me to tell you that right now only that it was a male figure at the top of the stairs.
Upon reaching the top of the stairs he asked us to wait while he went and checked our 'entry'. When he came back I was told I could enter, that I was ready. I asked him - ready for what? I was then told, ready for the next level, - What that next level is I do not know but I went with it as I am open to the changes and all that comes with it.
What happened after that I can't really remember, although the pressure on the third eye area remained after being told I could enter. At the same time I could feel slight pressure on my shoulders and the back of my neck where the skull meets the vertebrae. Even now there is still that feeling of pressure and warmth in that area but it's light not uncomfortable.

During another part of this same meditation I could feel strange sensations forming around my throat but knew it wasn't anything untoward as I had already spoken with my guides before hand to allow nothing of the sort so I had nothing to worry about, but the sensation itself is not one that I could easily describe.
Also during this meditation I crossed paths with several spirits passing through who popped in to say hello before going again. Some were only brief glimpses others lingered a moment or two longer and allowed me to see their features as clear as I would see you if you had been stood before me.

One was an elderly lady with semi long straggly salt and pepper hair, who had some teeth missing, with a hooked nose - now I bet your getting the impression of a witch here now aren't you? Well she wasn't one, she was a very misunderstood person in life but very caring and loving, always wanted to do good by people and help where she was allowed to. Sadly however not many people had taken the time to get to know her and so she spent most of her life alone scarce for the odd members of her family to say hello, or the neighbours around her that cared and looked out for her.

Another was of a younger female, again her hair long and loose but straight and brown, with a shine to them, she could only have been about 17 years of age, such was the impression in her eyes, of which were a blueish green shade, very compelling. She had a lot to live for and so much promise to show in her life before she was abruptly called back home.

There were others, a younger boy, a middle aged man, and an older man to mention but a few but I can't express to you the love they carry for the people they care for. It is so immense and strong, and I know fine well that there are several of you out there who don't believe and feel it's all made up and there is nothing I can do to convince you other wise. I wont event try to change how you feel about it but just know that for me it's as real as you are and it's a god given gift to bring some peace to the families that have lost these people.

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