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Inner Inspiration - 27/07/2009

Have you ever gotten to a point in life where you feel that what you are doing isnt where your meant to be and your ready to give it all up not knowing if doing that is right, but its what you feel that the time. To then realise later after sticking with it that to change your mind and give it all up would have been the wrong thing to do.

There was a point where I felt just like that. I was ready for giving up what I love most all because of a few heartless people who have no consideration for anyone else. Who could only feel what there were feeling what they wanted to and take from another what they wanted to.

We all make choices and there are some we regret doing but whats been done is done and we can't revese the time and change those actions. Theres been a few times im my life where I wish I could back and change things, do things differently but that wont happen.

There was a point not so long ago where I did something I now regret, I spoke to someone and said something that I wasnt given the oppertunity to explain. It was then taken out of context as so many things are done these days when its written word not spoken.

It then went from speaking to this person to them talking to others over the matter. So much for a private converstation. So much for telling me that what i had to say then wouldnt go any further when in fact it did and what was worse they made the whole situation to be worse that what it was.

If there was a feeling of hitten rock bottem I wonder of that was close to it. I was ready to pack in my spiritual path and walk away from it all. The hurt that person caused in doing what they did is unthinkable and they can't see what they have done.

They see there actions as trying to help someone and show concern for others when personally it felt like they were getting back at someone else using the bond I had with them. Trying to use me to hurt them and I would have to say that it did hurt them thats the regret I have from that converstation. I knew better than to talk to them but I let emotion rule over head and didnt think things through as I should have done.

So then with that I was at a low point and Im sure I wasnt the only one feeling the effects of this and to them I would have to say I am sorry to have put you through all of that. But I owe my gratitude to you also for helping me to help myself, for being there to support me through a lesson I had to learn and learn the hard way I did.

I feel like now i've been given a second chance and able to start over again, nothings ever going to be the same as it was and that is to be expected but we have come through it stronger, happier and more contented with ourselve's and that of which we do and love. I can't speak for those who were there to help pull me up when I was down but they played a majour part in my life then and still do today.

It took me weeks to come back to myself from that point and I feel that I have grown in self strength and that what did happen has opened up a whole new perspective on life and self understanding. I had to rebuild my balance of where I am happy in what I do and who I surround myself with. I have learned that there are going to be people in life who are going to try and bring you down through no fault of your own. People who can't bare other people to be happy when they themselves are far from it.

If it wasnt for those few people who where there to help me help myself then I really don't know what I would be doing today. In all honesty if I wasnt here doing what I love then I would be living a very boring life as the saying goes all work and no play can make one a dull person. Its times like those that help you to see the finer things in life. That help you to learn to listen to that inner truth within.

No matter how many people tell you other wise always follow what feels true to you. Trust how it feels and makes you feel learn to know the differences and use them to your advantage. That was one majour lesson I had to learn In what I have just written here.

When you look within you start seeing and feeling what is true to you and what is true to you is the most important factor in life. Your not going to listen to something that you feel to be false. You wont go out and do something that someone told you to do if it doesnt feel right ( unless your forced to). So when it comes to making choices in life follow what your inner voice tells you. Listen to what it is that feels true to you no matter what anyone else had to say.

If I followed what some people had to say in life then I wouldnt have the fantastic friends that I do who are there to support me when I need the support. For they are there to life me up when I am down. To help me grow and learn in life. Who show commpassion and concern, who are there when you need a quite word, where you know nothing will go anyfurther if you ask them not to.

So bare im mind the old saying : Those that matter don't mind and those that mind , don't matter.

Always always trust your instints. If you feel something is not right try and work out why. If your feeling low dont suffer in silence you are not alone no matter how you feel.

The hardest things in life are usualy the ones that you truely learn from and it sticks with you for a long long time. But deep down inside we have the greatest gift would ever ask for and that is being who we are in life. No one can take who you are or what makes you you, You are unique and you are special to each and every person you come into contact with,

You are beautiful inside and out and truly have a purpose in Life. So in saying that I want to thank everyone who has stood by me so far like I have and will them should they ever need that support no matter what it is, I will be there for them. For we have all grown together and in life we shall keep on growing.

From strength to strength you grow and you soon learn who your true friends are. Follow the truth in your heart and when your feeling like your about to give up please take a moment and think it over and trust that you are where you are meant to be in life. Be happy and think positive over any situation and you shall in return create positvie things and positivity shall head your way.

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