Friday, 6 January 2012

Vision from 30th January 2008

Apart from getting more of the chant or what they were saying I also saw three of these men in a corridor but 2 of them had there heads low and fully covered like they were watching there feet and the front man like before still had his hood up and covering half of his face. This is I believe the same man as the first picture on the main post. This corridor was long and narrow , again the doors were like the ones in the chamber with the marble table it can be bolted. I feel they were heading into the chamber when I saw them today. This may seem odd but I felt like I had been Acknowledged that i was there from the foreman as he seemed to bow his head just a bit lower when walking past me.

I didn't follow them, But i did end up in another room. this one was long and narrow with a long table on it. One end of the table had old books strewn across it, some where open and flapping about in a gentle breeze. The from this room there was another room coming off it. In this room there was well at first seemed completely empty but then again it wast. The more you looked the more you could see.

i should also add that in the last room before i left it all I had been shown a model of the solar system and they were aligned from what or how i was seeing it it was as though it was all of them but i don't think it was which kinda gave me a connection to the Mayan calender again 21st December 2012 which is said to be when planets align during this day of winter solstice.

I was shown to separate crosses the first one being one that you could place within a circle and has 3 symbols on it.
The other being a more decorative cross with red inlay to it.This one I thought I had come across while searching on-line alas nothing yet as to what This cross is like only similar so working with that at the moment.
The first cross, the one you can place within a circle that has 3 symbols on it. I have found one just like it. The symbols are that of the Chi Rho , Alpha and Omega... all connected to Christ and Christianity.

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