Friday, 6 January 2012


I've just come round from a development meditation. Where the energy was quite obvious and growing. I could feel the pulse of energy under my feet, and running through the body coinciding together, quite different from the heart beat. As I called my guides closer to work with me as I do this meditation. As I get used to it. As I did so, I could feel the air around me become colder, more so towards my back.

As I communicated this feeling with my guides I could feel it then change to warmth. I could feel my body growing heavier yet at the same time it became lighter. In my minds eye I could see my guides moving around me, accustoming their energy with mine as they often do. At the same time as they moved the air became colder in the area's in which they were around me. I communicated with them each feeling and how I felt it, how I could feel a growing tingle over my arms, my shoulders and my back. How my left arm felt like it was become heaver and warmer at the same time. How I could see in my minds eye that my guide was holding it, gently. So that I become accustomed to that feeling when working in the way I was. I don't do anything openly with spirit when first becoming accustomed to it. I will always work solely with my guides to begin with before I open that door and allow others in to my energy.

Even now 20 minutes after that meditation, I still feel my energy buzzing, my arms and hands tingle from it. It's not uncomfortable, it's not undesirable. It's new and welcoming and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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