Friday, 6 January 2012


Once again I've just gone through a 30 minute Meditation and have experienced similar to my last posting here about the last meditation I had done last week. The meditation I have been doing is one to develop physical mediumship, such as Trance and what have you. It doesn't take you into Trance it only assists you to build the energy for what you may need should you go on to do physical Mediumship.

During my meditation today, rather than have cold spots it was the opposite, I could feel with the energy rising there was also a sensation of heat building with it. I had images almost clear as day in my mind which was rather interesting. There was only really a couple today, one was of a child, a young boy, a toddler really about 3 years old with blonde hair, really happy young thing, eating bread, full of glee, such a warm loving feeling with him.

The second was more of what I would say was a man sitting on a chair. I couldn't see his face all I could really see what his arm and torso along with the arm of a chair. He raised his arm up and he was wearing a watch on his right hand wrist, a gold watch, with a light blue watch face. He was wearing a green checked shirt, green and white, different shades of green really.

These were only small images but almost clear to the point that they could have been real as if looking in on them from through a window.

I tried this meditation a couple of days ago, and within that meditation if felt as it was more symbolic. I could see what was boulders on the ground - ruins from some sort of building but that wasn't shown to me. I was shown one patch that was surrounded in blades of grass, to see a hand reach out and touch it, to almost feel it's texture as if it was my own hand that was touching the rubble.

I could see the faces of my guides sharply but not for long, they came in and out letting me know that they were with me as I went through this meditation.

I will state now that this meditation isn't in such a guided meditation, it starts making you aware of the energy that's in the ground and in the air around you, then it brings in drumbeats and leaves you for about 20 minutes on your own to experience what you experience, then towards the end it brings your focus back slowly and reminds you to make note of what you have experienced so that over time you can see the changes as they happen. As it's all to easy to miss the smallest of changes that could have the biggest of impacts for you.

So for now this is me signing out until my next posting.

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