Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Guide Message

I heard this small snippet filter in as I drifted off to sleep on Sunday night, but it's only now that I've managed to find the time to add it here. I know it's come from one of my guides but I'm not sure as to which one at the moment as they are all up for playing games to keep me alert and on my toes right now.

When mornings sun rises, man heads east searching, searching, always searching.
Man believes that what he seeks will come to him,
but man does not see that what he wants he must in turn head towards,
Turn west where light reveals the way, turning east will blind you to the sun.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Catch up.

This post will have to be a collective of meditations over the last week. I've not had all that much time to stop and think over what I've seen/felt/experienced in my meditations this week. Most of which I don't recall, normal or not who knows. But some of it has stayed with me, to the point that I'm questioning what they were or what they mean.

For them to stay as part of a focus in my mind, indicates to me that there is something more behind it, and what that could be then we shall have to wait and see. So let me recap what I remember.

This one began on January 31st 2012 and has reoccurred in most meditations since. During this meditation, I could tell that my guide was with me, this one being a new one to me although not so new in energy. New to the point of never really having worked with him before. He is yet another Native American guide who seems to come across on a deeper level, as f the work I do with him will be deeper than that of my other guides. As if everything I've done thus far is mediocre to the work that's yet to come under his influence. My other guides are still with me and we are still working well together and they have assured me that they will remain further more until such a time where I have out grown their teachings.

Anyway during this meditation my new guide walked with me until we came to a cabin, I opened the door and noticed a white circle painted on the floor of the cabin. My guide instructed me to stand in the circle, which I did in complete trust of him, once inside the circle the cabin was no longer there, nor was the circle. If I stepped outside the circle, then it returned as did the Cabin. It struck be as odd, or strange that a circle would not be a circle once inside it, yet from the outside looking it it was whole, it was there and it was complete. This is the one main aspect of that meditation that stuck out, and even now it comes up but I've not yet seen or found what it could mean from them.

In tonight's meditation, there is little that I remember, but what I do remember is vague, but at the same time had been sharp and clear. The first thing, I saw 5 people dancing, or what looked like dancing, some going in circles. Whether they were spirits in a fleeting pass or symbolic of a situation coming full circle into something to be happy about I can't be certain, both feels to be correct, so maybe it is. During other aspects of this meditation, I was seeing faces once again coming in clearer and sharper than they have done. Each time they show up during my meditations, they seem to be sharper as already mentioned, more lifelike and not just spirit like if you understand me.

From there the rest of the meditation I don't remember, I did two lots of it today, one for 20 minutes and the other was for 45 minutes, the latter one I remembered least from. Although when I started the second one, the third eye area of my forehead began tingling as if a channel was being opened for one reason or another. I've only ever had this one other time in meditation and as you will see it accord in my last posting.

However, I will leave this with you, whom so ever is out there reading this.

Until next time, sleep tight.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Todays Meditation

Well I haven't done one in a long time but had got hold of some new music to try. With that the compelling impulse to meditate arose and it had to be done. There wasn't anything significant to report from it really but what I had experienced wasn't like anything I've felt before.

Before I began I asked my guides to step forward and aid me through this meditation and aid me as I connected to the spirit world, which they did do.

During the meditation, I was taken down some stairs and led through into a long chamber like room. On the walls there was a plague that read - Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday are all now. All one.
I was then led from that room to another set of stairs that rose upwards, now this is where it gets strange, during this point it felt as though someone was applying pressure upon my forehead, where the third eye could be found. As I walked up the stairs with my guide to my side, I could see someone waiting at the top, but don't ask for a description because it's near impossible for me to tell you that right now only that it was a male figure at the top of the stairs.
Upon reaching the top of the stairs he asked us to wait while he went and checked our 'entry'. When he came back I was told I could enter, that I was ready. I asked him - ready for what? I was then told, ready for the next level, - What that next level is I do not know but I went with it as I am open to the changes and all that comes with it.
What happened after that I can't really remember, although the pressure on the third eye area remained after being told I could enter. At the same time I could feel slight pressure on my shoulders and the back of my neck where the skull meets the vertebrae. Even now there is still that feeling of pressure and warmth in that area but it's light not uncomfortable.

During another part of this same meditation I could feel strange sensations forming around my throat but knew it wasn't anything untoward as I had already spoken with my guides before hand to allow nothing of the sort so I had nothing to worry about, but the sensation itself is not one that I could easily describe.
Also during this meditation I crossed paths with several spirits passing through who popped in to say hello before going again. Some were only brief glimpses others lingered a moment or two longer and allowed me to see their features as clear as I would see you if you had been stood before me.

One was an elderly lady with semi long straggly salt and pepper hair, who had some teeth missing, with a hooked nose - now I bet your getting the impression of a witch here now aren't you? Well she wasn't one, she was a very misunderstood person in life but very caring and loving, always wanted to do good by people and help where she was allowed to. Sadly however not many people had taken the time to get to know her and so she spent most of her life alone scarce for the odd members of her family to say hello, or the neighbours around her that cared and looked out for her.

Another was of a younger female, again her hair long and loose but straight and brown, with a shine to them, she could only have been about 17 years of age, such was the impression in her eyes, of which were a blueish green shade, very compelling. She had a lot to live for and so much promise to show in her life before she was abruptly called back home.

There were others, a younger boy, a middle aged man, and an older man to mention but a few but I can't express to you the love they carry for the people they care for. It is so immense and strong, and I know fine well that there are several of you out there who don't believe and feel it's all made up and there is nothing I can do to convince you other wise. I wont event try to change how you feel about it but just know that for me it's as real as you are and it's a god given gift to bring some peace to the families that have lost these people.

Friday, 6 January 2012


Once again I've just gone through a 30 minute Meditation and have experienced similar to my last posting here about the last meditation I had done last week. The meditation I have been doing is one to develop physical mediumship, such as Trance and what have you. It doesn't take you into Trance it only assists you to build the energy for what you may need should you go on to do physical Mediumship.

During my meditation today, rather than have cold spots it was the opposite, I could feel with the energy rising there was also a sensation of heat building with it. I had images almost clear as day in my mind which was rather interesting. There was only really a couple today, one was of a child, a young boy, a toddler really about 3 years old with blonde hair, really happy young thing, eating bread, full of glee, such a warm loving feeling with him.

The second was more of what I would say was a man sitting on a chair. I couldn't see his face all I could really see what his arm and torso along with the arm of a chair. He raised his arm up and he was wearing a watch on his right hand wrist, a gold watch, with a light blue watch face. He was wearing a green checked shirt, green and white, different shades of green really.

These were only small images but almost clear to the point that they could have been real as if looking in on them from through a window.

I tried this meditation a couple of days ago, and within that meditation if felt as it was more symbolic. I could see what was boulders on the ground - ruins from some sort of building but that wasn't shown to me. I was shown one patch that was surrounded in blades of grass, to see a hand reach out and touch it, to almost feel it's texture as if it was my own hand that was touching the rubble.

I could see the faces of my guides sharply but not for long, they came in and out letting me know that they were with me as I went through this meditation.

I will state now that this meditation isn't in such a guided meditation, it starts making you aware of the energy that's in the ground and in the air around you, then it brings in drumbeats and leaves you for about 20 minutes on your own to experience what you experience, then towards the end it brings your focus back slowly and reminds you to make note of what you have experienced so that over time you can see the changes as they happen. As it's all to easy to miss the smallest of changes that could have the biggest of impacts for you.

So for now this is me signing out until my next posting.


I've just come round from a development meditation. Where the energy was quite obvious and growing. I could feel the pulse of energy under my feet, and running through the body coinciding together, quite different from the heart beat. As I called my guides closer to work with me as I do this meditation. As I get used to it. As I did so, I could feel the air around me become colder, more so towards my back.

As I communicated this feeling with my guides I could feel it then change to warmth. I could feel my body growing heavier yet at the same time it became lighter. In my minds eye I could see my guides moving around me, accustoming their energy with mine as they often do. At the same time as they moved the air became colder in the area's in which they were around me. I communicated with them each feeling and how I felt it, how I could feel a growing tingle over my arms, my shoulders and my back. How my left arm felt like it was become heaver and warmer at the same time. How I could see in my minds eye that my guide was holding it, gently. So that I become accustomed to that feeling when working in the way I was. I don't do anything openly with spirit when first becoming accustomed to it. I will always work solely with my guides to begin with before I open that door and allow others in to my energy.

Even now 20 minutes after that meditation, I still feel my energy buzzing, my arms and hands tingle from it. It's not uncomfortable, it's not undesirable. It's new and welcoming and I'm looking forward to the next one.

May 2011

This may seem or sound strange to everyone who may at some point come across this blog and read it. But those that know me know the path in which I am currently walking, they do not however know completely in it's entirety of the things I've experienced within the last two and half mind boggling weeks.

For those whom may read this and don't know me (can't see anyone reading it though) I am walking a path in which I have chosen to develop my psychic side and also my mediumship. I've been on this path for a good three years now and it's not always been plain sailing there has been a couple of occasions where I felt enough was enough, that it was time to stop. I have however pushed that away and continue to proceed with it as the feeling you get from it is nothing that can be matched by anything in this world. It might seem strange to you or repulsive but for me it's an ever growing link to the afterlife and knowing that there is life after death is something wonderful for me. It's not for everyone that I agree with. Many out there will tell you horror stories about it, they will bash it to the words of the bible they will slate it and tar everyone within it with the same brush. Fair enough that's there thoughts and opinions good on them, this world, this path however, does require an open mind and respect. However I'm getting off the beaten track now with what I've said.

The purpose of this post was to configure everything that has gone on this last month, but i'll probably not remember ever last detail about it. This is so that I can record what I've experienced and so that I can perhaps look back on it at some point down the road.

So it's May of 2011. For many I've spoken to this month it's been a month of heightened activity with regards to the spiritual world. For me I've experienced things that could perhaps frighten some, but in the right mind it's nothing to be scared of and this I know.

Within the last few weeks I've been seeing more faces coming and going when I close my eyes. Faces of people who are not living and of people I have never seen before. It hasn't mattered as to what time of day it's been, or what I was doing. It's also worth mentioning that it's not always been when I've closed my eyes. Sometimes it's like a flash in the minds eye of a face coming in close and disappearing just as quick. It's usually a common occurrence to experience seeing faces at night when going to sleep. Or at least that seems to be normal for many in this field and perhaps also to those who don't work in it. I couldn't tell you for certain. Some of the faces I've seen recently have been so in your face where you feel you need to pull back, enough for you to take notice of them and then they are gone again. I've not felt anything untoward from it at all, just the strangeness in that it seems that I'm experiencing more of it in a shorter period of time.

To the point that some really are lifelike and solid while others are noticeable yet faint and hazy (see through). It's extended further than just faces when I'm awake, I've had more of what I would say was spirit in dreams, you know the way that you can tell between it just being a dream and when someone comes to you? ... OK maybe you can't. But for mediums out there perhaps they can it's the same feeling when you become aware of spirit wanting to communicate when your willing to open the channel and let them through. In dreams - when you sleep, it's said to be the same state of mind as when your meditating, thus making it far easier for spirit to come and speak to you. So I've had more spirit related dreams which personally didn't make much sense, I still feel that they are pushing my awareness to see how far it will stretch, to see in which ways I will notice them. It's that feeling your being tested for something but you don't know what... I've never bothered to ask about it with my guides either. I've known for the last 7 or 8 months that things were changing, they way spirit were making themselves known was fluctuating through that time period as well, another indication that change in awareness was on the horizon.

I can't help but feel that these such dreams are partly connected to other dreams I've had regarding people I do however know but none pertaining to family members. To which these dreams I'm still relatively looking into them, into myself as to the meaning of them, trying to see what the subconscious wants me to see - all of which I keep coming back to change, to seeing the smaller details, the fine tuning, being alert to surrounds and such things like that.

On another note, I've had lights flash in my room - yet again when it's the middle of the night and no-one passing by outside in cars or what have you. I've heard my name being called more often with no-one in the house doing so. I've had shadows pass me by and disappear, before you start to wonder none of this bothers me, it's nothing new to me really only that it's happening more often now than it did before. There was one night within the last week in which I was watching a DVD on the laptop, where my mum had come in with a mug of Tea then went back out again - lights were off in the room and the mug was away from the laptop or it's screen to the point where there was no possible way the following item could have been caused by the steam off that mug. I went back to watching the DVD when all of a sudden I had what I would say a wisp of smoke, not just a small amount either, come up from behind the screen and upwards towards the ceiling, it was white, almost like an orb but made up of smoke. I couldn't explain it, there was nothing on the DVD that could have contributed to it, there was nothing in the room either that could have caused it to happen and I really don't believe it was a trick of the mind.

A couple of nights later, mum had come in again with another mug of tea, after a couple of minutes of her leaving, I saw what I would claim to be that of a man standing in my room away from the door way. Again the lights where off but there was light coming in this time from another room just offset from the door in the hall. I could see his face as clear as day, he was looking out towards the hall. I could make out his neck and shoulders, and the outline of the rest of him. I didn't get a chance to make a connection with him as, as quick as he appeared he was gone again. This left me a little startled as to what had happened but one again nothing out of the ordinary for me. I've had many odd experiences over the years, enough now to not make me jump when things like that happen.

I've also recently just tried my hand at a little automatic writing, I would say it was only about 20 minutes worth as I had to go to work. I didn't open the channels for spirit to work with me, I kept it only with my guides for that time. I didn't want to open up to just anyone esp when I was heading off to work not much later. As much as you can doubt the outcome of this I can bet my life on it that I did not knowingly know what was being written. My eyes where closed, I was mentally inviting my guide forwards to try this method and the response he gave me was - Why... So why indeed, I'm not going to question it just yet. I'm going to leave it and see what comes about when I next have time to try this method before trying it with the spirit world.

Another thing that doesn't make sense right now to me is, I was running an open circle with my dad, on line. As much as I could see spirit passing by, I couldn't establish a connection for anyone present that night, which isn't all that strange for me recently however, once we had closed circle and cleared the room, once I had re-grounded and protected following methods I've been taught. I became really light headed and feeling somewhat sick. It's almost as if I had ploughed straight into a wall of strong energy. I thought for a moment perhaps I didn't close down properly after running circle so I went through it all again to no avail. I couldn't detect any spirits around which could have caused that and I fine not long after either. I had water with me throughout so I know it had nothing to do with that, I've been fine since, and had nothing to eat that would affect me in such a way. I've yet to find the answer to that one.

And the last thing to mention in this record so far that last night - May 24th at around 11:30pm I started feeling really unsettled and anxious. I hadn't knowingly opened any connections to bring about this feeling, but felt I needed to go and walk it off, so I took the dogs with me and I sat outside for a good 10 minutes watching them run around before continuing with the walk. When I came back I decided to see if I could pick anything up, that might have brought about that feeling. I soon became aware of a man, sitting on the floor holding his knees in towards his chest and rocking back and forth. To me that might have explained the connection but I'm still not overly sure. I'm not doubting the feeling only looking for other plausible explanations to which I've found none.

I've also tried working with a Trance Meditation, to help connections with spirit. I could only do about 5 minutes worth as once again something disturbed it and I didn't go back to it. I wasn't feeling tired so I've ruled that out of what I felt.

When listening to this Guided Meditation, I could feel myself swaying slightly which I think is normal in relation to what was going on then. I could feel myself going deeper, feeling the drop into each level as it where, now I don't know whether the sound I was hearing contributed to the feeling of it or not but as I felt the drop into another level, I was aware of my head going downwards more also. I don't know if that's normal or not but do know that for most people when meditating(which always fails me, something always prevents it) that they sit with back straight and head stays up. I don't know I can't say for certain as to why I felt what I felt. I think perhaps I'll try it again later and see what the outcome of that will be once again, hopefully I'll manage more than 5 minutes when I do try again, likewise for automatic writing, I hope it's more than just why and longer than the time I had to try it last time.

So that's about it for now, but I have this feeling that there will be more to add as the days go on. I'll try and keep an up to date record of what I've experienced to keep myself straight as it's most definitely been more eventful now than it has before in regards to what's been felt within a space of 3 weeks.

Oh before I forget, there's one more thing. I was watching an episode of Most Haunted, one from Season 6 on DVD which I've never seen before not having Living TV to watch it on. There was one episode where almost from the start of it, I had the name Amelia come in that I couldn't place, there wasn't any spirit's around at that time either. On further watching of this episode David Wells picked up on a 19 year old female to which he connected the name Emily. After he did that there was a flash up on the screen of the information pertaining to what he picked up on and he was right about the spirit however her name wasn't Emily it was Amelia. I found that strange.


Catching a moment's peace before going to sleep, when all around the house is dead to the world. I gathered my Ipod and headphones and went and sat down on my bed. The music was Native American, Soft gentle music with a steady drum beat and soft blissful flutes. What more could settle an active mind before sleep than this.

What happened next was much like what I noted from the 12-07-10. In that as I closed my weary eyes of the day I was greeted by the pit of darkness for it to fade into a spiral of colours. From those colours sprang to life my wolf pack.

Once again Sharkari took his role and lead me to a place of where I was meant to be. A place in which once again I could sit and relax, to gaze into the dancing flames of the fire before me.

I was greeted once more by my guides, both to my right and behind me as before. My guide to the right did the same as before, he tapped the ground with both hands alternating several times, it was if he was imitating someone or something walking. He then used his right arm and once more wavered it in a circular motion three times round then slowly raising to the sky above.

Counter-clockwise was his action I could see it more clearly this time round. He then again cupped some of the earth into his hands to rub it into his face. To let the earthen dirt fall back onto the earth, again blowing the remaining dust from his hands into the wind.

He began his chanting or singing, still as faint as the last time, but loud enough just to hear it and no more. This again sending that rising feeling of energy up my back, towards my neck and shoulders which were gaining in heat.

This time however we were not alone, I remember there was an elderly lady sitting with us by the fire and others walking about. She was also singing gently to herself as she sat weaving a basket of sorts together. She looked a peaceful gentle soul. As she glanced up to me you could just tell from her face and eye's that she carried many stories and so much wisdom that it filled her heart with joy.

My guide, the one who was standing behind me gave me a little nudge inviting me to come with him. I then stood up and followed him, trusting him in all his actions for what he would give or share or wish for me to see is as I see it.. Time.

He lead me to a horse in which I climbed onto as he did another that was near by, and so we travelled to a river in which we dismounted. Sharkari was never far from me. Quite contented that I was willing and trusting enough to go this far.

We came to a stop by a tree next to the river. It was then that I heard my guide say to me - Many Rivers, Heart Of Wolf. Father Sky and Mother Earth. Growth In Acceptance, Truth In Understanding. As Eagle Flies, And Fire Re-news. As Sun Will Rise And Fall, Great Spirits Above, Ever Watching.

I could see his comfort and delight in saying these words to me. Words that apparently hold greater wisdom than just the words themselves. He tells me that I should Sit and Wait.. and so we sat, and waiting, silently gazing out listening to the flowing river beside us. Watching the stars above one day "home" glowing brightly above our heads.

As we sat we uttered not a word just that understanding that then nothing was needed to be spoken that we could feel each others thoughts and just know what was.

As I sat with his words weaving through my mind, finding a place in which it could reside, I was aware of the sound of hooves drawing nearer. I didn't turn to see who was coming, I had no need to, I already knew who. It was SB and RC coming to join us..

To connect the Circle... Unity between us and Earth.