Friday, 3 February 2012

Catch up.

This post will have to be a collective of meditations over the last week. I've not had all that much time to stop and think over what I've seen/felt/experienced in my meditations this week. Most of which I don't recall, normal or not who knows. But some of it has stayed with me, to the point that I'm questioning what they were or what they mean.

For them to stay as part of a focus in my mind, indicates to me that there is something more behind it, and what that could be then we shall have to wait and see. So let me recap what I remember.

This one began on January 31st 2012 and has reoccurred in most meditations since. During this meditation, I could tell that my guide was with me, this one being a new one to me although not so new in energy. New to the point of never really having worked with him before. He is yet another Native American guide who seems to come across on a deeper level, as f the work I do with him will be deeper than that of my other guides. As if everything I've done thus far is mediocre to the work that's yet to come under his influence. My other guides are still with me and we are still working well together and they have assured me that they will remain further more until such a time where I have out grown their teachings.

Anyway during this meditation my new guide walked with me until we came to a cabin, I opened the door and noticed a white circle painted on the floor of the cabin. My guide instructed me to stand in the circle, which I did in complete trust of him, once inside the circle the cabin was no longer there, nor was the circle. If I stepped outside the circle, then it returned as did the Cabin. It struck be as odd, or strange that a circle would not be a circle once inside it, yet from the outside looking it it was whole, it was there and it was complete. This is the one main aspect of that meditation that stuck out, and even now it comes up but I've not yet seen or found what it could mean from them.

In tonight's meditation, there is little that I remember, but what I do remember is vague, but at the same time had been sharp and clear. The first thing, I saw 5 people dancing, or what looked like dancing, some going in circles. Whether they were spirits in a fleeting pass or symbolic of a situation coming full circle into something to be happy about I can't be certain, both feels to be correct, so maybe it is. During other aspects of this meditation, I was seeing faces once again coming in clearer and sharper than they have done. Each time they show up during my meditations, they seem to be sharper as already mentioned, more lifelike and not just spirit like if you understand me.

From there the rest of the meditation I don't remember, I did two lots of it today, one for 20 minutes and the other was for 45 minutes, the latter one I remembered least from. Although when I started the second one, the third eye area of my forehead began tingling as if a channel was being opened for one reason or another. I've only ever had this one other time in meditation and as you will see it accord in my last posting.

However, I will leave this with you, whom so ever is out there reading this.

Until next time, sleep tight.


  1. Very intriguing,Jen, especially the circle...I wonder if it has something to do with your perception of reality or dimensions.When you are in the"zone", in altered state of consciousness. everything that is merely physical disappears-but as soon as you come out of deep meditation, reality sets in again. Very interesting xxx

    1. Your guess is as good as mine on that Pam. As soon as I find out what it means then I'll be sure to let you know. Although I think your perception of it could be on the right track :D x

  2. Hi Hun, I think that is wondeful, Its funny when u get the guides for the deeper work through, because their energy is really intense compared. I believe this is because they start as they mean to go on.. When Maurice first came in the change was so marked and strong that it was a little much at first and i had to ask him to step back util i became used to it. I think that it is normal (in my experience) to not remember, but it wil be there in your subconsios. It is because you are in altered state and is similar to sleep state where u dont remember all of your dream when u wake up, but the little bits will come back to u when u need them. This is why I have a pen and paper out often and I can read back after.. As I showed u before that last thing we got was quite detailed so it may be worth having a go, if you dont all ready. I have seen when I go quite deep people dancing in circles I wonder what significance it is. I have a feeling it is to do with love and contnuity and the security of the close contact between self higher self and the spirit. (where did that come from lol) The third eye tingling is a lovely sign as well.. its the opening and awakening to a deeper level of Spiritual Being :D ooooh if we lived nearer we could do a circle of altered states lol xx Take care hunnie x