Friday, 6 January 2012


Catching a moment's peace before going to sleep, when all around the house is dead to the world. I gathered my Ipod and headphones and went and sat down on my bed. The music was Native American, Soft gentle music with a steady drum beat and soft blissful flutes. What more could settle an active mind before sleep than this.

What happened next was much like what I noted from the 12-07-10. In that as I closed my weary eyes of the day I was greeted by the pit of darkness for it to fade into a spiral of colours. From those colours sprang to life my wolf pack.

Once again Sharkari took his role and lead me to a place of where I was meant to be. A place in which once again I could sit and relax, to gaze into the dancing flames of the fire before me.

I was greeted once more by my guides, both to my right and behind me as before. My guide to the right did the same as before, he tapped the ground with both hands alternating several times, it was if he was imitating someone or something walking. He then used his right arm and once more wavered it in a circular motion three times round then slowly raising to the sky above.

Counter-clockwise was his action I could see it more clearly this time round. He then again cupped some of the earth into his hands to rub it into his face. To let the earthen dirt fall back onto the earth, again blowing the remaining dust from his hands into the wind.

He began his chanting or singing, still as faint as the last time, but loud enough just to hear it and no more. This again sending that rising feeling of energy up my back, towards my neck and shoulders which were gaining in heat.

This time however we were not alone, I remember there was an elderly lady sitting with us by the fire and others walking about. She was also singing gently to herself as she sat weaving a basket of sorts together. She looked a peaceful gentle soul. As she glanced up to me you could just tell from her face and eye's that she carried many stories and so much wisdom that it filled her heart with joy.

My guide, the one who was standing behind me gave me a little nudge inviting me to come with him. I then stood up and followed him, trusting him in all his actions for what he would give or share or wish for me to see is as I see it.. Time.

He lead me to a horse in which I climbed onto as he did another that was near by, and so we travelled to a river in which we dismounted. Sharkari was never far from me. Quite contented that I was willing and trusting enough to go this far.

We came to a stop by a tree next to the river. It was then that I heard my guide say to me - Many Rivers, Heart Of Wolf. Father Sky and Mother Earth. Growth In Acceptance, Truth In Understanding. As Eagle Flies, And Fire Re-news. As Sun Will Rise And Fall, Great Spirits Above, Ever Watching.

I could see his comfort and delight in saying these words to me. Words that apparently hold greater wisdom than just the words themselves. He tells me that I should Sit and Wait.. and so we sat, and waiting, silently gazing out listening to the flowing river beside us. Watching the stars above one day "home" glowing brightly above our heads.

As we sat we uttered not a word just that understanding that then nothing was needed to be spoken that we could feel each others thoughts and just know what was.

As I sat with his words weaving through my mind, finding a place in which it could reside, I was aware of the sound of hooves drawing nearer. I didn't turn to see who was coming, I had no need to, I already knew who. It was SB and RC coming to join us..

To connect the Circle... Unity between us and Earth.

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  1. I found your writings so internal, a visceral connection to your places of fulfillment.The earth is sacrosanct and luckily I live in an exotic rural setting that let's me forget about the abuse heaped on this splendid planet.One must tune it out to stay sane, and yet somehow try to make a difference.Take good care..M..