Friday, 6 January 2012


I was listening to a radio show on facebook this afternoon > being April 21st 2010 , and from that there was a part to which we could open up to spirit and to receive messages for ourselves and others and I feel that I should share with you all What I received from this show.

To all whom listen heed the way to your heart of purity, With passages of gold. and rivers to your side, may you see the doors to the higher realms,
Life shines bright within everyone, and all in time will be ready, be the guidance that others seek and share with them the passage that you have come to learn and know, that they too shall walk those halls of gold and they too shall connect with those they love. While they remain to earths ground and us to be free spirits around, we will not fade from this world we love, we will fight to connect the chains of old and rebuild the walls that in time have since come down.

Blessings to you all xxx

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