Friday, 6 January 2012


Ok what’s he on about now. I was chatting with a friend few nights back about meditation and not being able to still the mind enough for that and they had mentioned that with my guides no wonder lol. Up until that point I had silence from my guides and the mere mention of guides one popped his head round lol so nosey aren’t they. Just when you think you can get some peace and rest with no work needing done in they come and pass on more for you to look into. This time it was more a message directed to me and feel its shared with whom I was chatting to that night. So she can share the workload from Kicking Bear lol. I was talking about how at that time I was getting few spirit connections and unable to meditated and my friend said to ask the angels for some assistance with this and before I realised what I was saying in comes something from Kicking Bear.

I was saying to my friend.. Angels not my forte but since suggestions count to forty silent minds and whispered thoughts oh where's my rested mind when needed the most.. yep I know into rhyme tends to be a bad habit when talking to my friend it tends to flow without knowing I’m doing it around her. I know that of which I was saying then as I don’t really connect to the angels or ask them for anything in general and nothing really for myself only that for others but was going to try the suggestion of asking the angels for help with mediation and with the suggestion of that I was going to count to 40 slowly to help calm the mind and body when I next went to try and meditate. Finding that when I try to rest the mind in order to help it doesn’t really happen not even when its time to go to sleep so more often than not I find myself tossing and turning in bed all night so anything is worth a try now.

With that In comes Kicking bear and says rather long windedly : Not to rush time will come to then hush. Needs lead where you see not. Faith and understanding grant you in your mind. Silent little wolf the mind of night rest instead for it will lead to another road. Mind you slumber some and work when needed your time will come. Pastures be green with things to be seen trust that sight not in calm surround dreams awaken to wonder delight. My golden beam you shine so bright delicate does the mind unfold your one of many but one so bold.

He continued by saying: Meandering thoughts lead one road on, Learning curves throw another path. Learn yourself then shines the beacon to light your road. Hine sight and tender moments, given strength time them comes to bare witness child of earth. Stand strong soul of old unite with flames of passion denser than ignition deep within. Courtesy brings a path of thorns to walk upon not to harm the vessel you tread.

So any Ideas on this please because as normal I am totally confused by it all, never to they give a message in a more simpler tone. Well they might but I think they enjoy makings us work these things out as we benefit from it more when we actually understand what is being given to us. Don't you just love it when they make you think about things in life and about yourself to help you more on finding who you are. If anyone reading this can take something from what has been said please do and thank the highest source to grant us these messages via guides and spirits whom forever aid us on our way forward.

Ok so I guess its time for me to do some evaluating and searching again, what fun but its rewarding when you benefit from the outcome of what is sought even if the answers that come about aren’t that of which you are looking for but more of something that you may not like but need to hear, for it is only really then that those things make us take notice and when you notice something given to you from spirit and so on then your one step closer to understanding what it is that you should be doing. Even if its for you to share that message with others for there is always a reason why we are given what we are given.

I know that I've to take things more slowly and to enjoy what comes as it does for there is ample time to learn and work and my guides keep confirming this with me in many ways from friends telling me to rest ( which I tend not to listen too lol such is the stubborn side of me) and from my guides telling me that there is no need to rush. So I need faith and understanding of current issues in life then u suppose before understanding when to still the mind for rest and meditation, gee why can't things me a lot more simpler in life so much to take on board and to think about here and there.

What’s funny is the reference to wolf that he makes guess he's helped the influence of wolf within me and helped me to see more of what the full is within me as more often than not I’ll have a vision and see the world through the eyes of the wolf, I would be the wolf running with the pack through the forest at night while the rest tend to sit and howl, I am the silent wolf within the pack. Why ? I haven’t worked that out yet but feel its down to more of a mutual understanding for by rights I am not a wolf but an ordinary person like everyone else. I don’t hold myself any higher than anyone else and treat everyone in the same manner ... or at least I hope I do.

Well I'm keeping the rest to myself until I sort out what’s what but feel free to leave suggestions if you have them. Hope you found something to benefit you. Blessed day to all whom may read this posting carry with you the light of the divine and trust that everything in life now is as how it is meant to be and anything that is meant will be as the saying goes que sara sara, what ever will be will be.

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