Friday, 6 January 2012

From March 2009

Wow that was an odd experience. Was in chat tonight and all day i had been saying i should be working with my guides but been putting it off and putting it off, so come 8pm i couldn't put it off any longer , and well really that isn't the best time for me to take time out and work with them but I had to.

Blocking out all distractions I put on specific music ( find that funny but its music that connects me to my guides easily)
So anyways went to lie down as they had been asking me all day, I had kicking bear to my left kneeling beside me and red cloud doing the same thing on the right.

This is where it gets really odd as i was laying there relaxing focused on breathing as they had been asking me to do ( which i never do) kicking bear started doing something with his hands, red cloud was chanting something couldn't make that out.
KB's hands were hovering over me like well like healing but I'm not all to sure it was that, then he placed his hands either side of my face, then pressure on the pressure points.
No clue as to what was happening but I trust them so allow them to get on with it. Then his hands left my face, not sure what he was doing after that point.
RC then came and ran two of his fingers down either side of my face , starting from forehead directly above the bridge of my nose 2 cms apart then running down then around my eyes back in towards nose then downwards stopping at my chin.
What he was doing ,,, I have not a clue but after that they stood in front of me and offered to give me a hand up taking there support I got up but lol i could see myself still lying there this is were i was like wow OK. Complete faith and trust in them.
We started walking .... towards one of the ti pis on heading inwards I was disturbed by the phone going so that's where that stopped. But have reassurance from my guides that we will return at one point because they hadn't finished what they had started and that it was important to Finnish that.
So question to self ... was that healing or was it some kind of ritual as it wasn't just me KB and RC there , there were others chanting but i didn't see them all I had seen were both my guides. Interesting ..... tbc lol

KB = Kicking Bear and RC = Red Cloud
Music being - Mother Earth Round Dance, Ghost Dance and or Sitting bulls memorial song.
Those three are what seems easier for me to connected to my guides and work with them.

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