Friday, 6 January 2012


While spending a good few hours last night talking over things with someone else and working on detaching memories that are bringing me down until I am then ready to see them again. I kept being shown things during a gap or break from the work. For what ever reason my guides really felt they had to say what they did and grabbed the opportunity when my guard was down.

I say that because of late I've had so much going on in life that I didn't know whether I was coming or going or whatever and kept pushing them away not ready to work with them .. or rather not wanting the additional work load on top of everything else.

But as things are starting to settle again and I become more as I was before things kinda kicked off I have told them that I am ready to work with them in small short dose's for the time being nothing to strenuous or confusing, and for now I feel that they are listening ... surprising really knowing what KB has been like but now I feel like there is more of a connection more respect as you may between us and a greater understanding which is great.

Before I was doing anything with this other person, I was in chat enjoying the short break in memento from all the chat as they had then gone to do a reading in the reading room. As I was sitting just relaxing and unwinding I had words running through my head.

I wanted to write a poem but then again i didn't, the words I was receiving and in the order I was getting them made no sense. It was mumble jumble but I wrote them down anyways looking to come back to them and work something out.

What I got while sitting there was : Abstract woods, Corded cables entwined and taught, Leaping surges, Cascading thoughts. ... nothing made sense with that what so ever but like I said I made a note of it and it struck a cord later in the night. I will reveal all as I explain.

I had left it at that looking to come back to it when was ready and carried on working sorting myself out. During the small short breaks I was shown/ told a few things from my guides. During our break from work I was talking to someone else and they happened to mention the Indian creed.

I had no clue as to this but then I was given some information from Kicking Bear and what he had told me was : Wind, Earth, Rain and Fire, All natures elements not to be taken lightly. Respect what is given from above and nourish the wondrous love. Given of man to share not for man to dare. Make shelter when needed from stable supply. Respect the ruling of earth and let the rest lie.

Shortly after being given that Red Cloud wasn't short of a few words either and what he had to say was : A tree is but a tree in the eyes of the seer. But in the eyes of the trustee it is more than thee. The living source from spirit, spread out to supply more life. For the birds to rest on the branches, And for the wood to keep you warm. That burning fire the first of winter by the river. The gentle flowing current of energy renewed.

A little taken back by what they had to say as it was uncommon for Red Cloud to speak as much as he had as he usually leaves Kicking Bear to do the talking while he does the watching lol. I sat and thought about what they had said then I felt i had to look up the Indian creed that was mentioned. The first thing I came to was someones interpretation and thoughts about the creed. I asked if this was it and heard a strong firm NO from Sitting bull .... I didn't realise that all three had come to join me on my break.

Next thing that came into my head was 10 commandments but not as we know. I had to look for the North American Commandments to find that in which I was looking for and well what RC and Kb told me fitted the first three commandments perfectly and the rest seemed to just slot on in.

The commandments are as follows :

1. Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect
2. Remain close to the Great Spirit
3. Show great respect for your fellow beings
4. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind
5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed
6. Do what you know to be right
7. Look after the well-being of mind and body
8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good
9. Be truthful and honest at all times
10. Take full responsibility for your actions

So you yourself can see where their comments fit in the the 10 north American commandments. I'll probably come back to interpret them more at a later date along with everything else.

They had also shown me ... floating dirt .... sounds odd I know but when you understand what it was that was shown which Ive not worked out yet lol

I was the eyes and ears of an Indian scout ( their way or making me see) I was ahead of the hunting party when I stopped and went to ground quickly and quietly. There wasn't anything to be scared of, it was more so that I didn't startle what was in front of me, I edge further forward now flat to the ground making very little noise, coming towards the top of a small hill on the lands i was overlooking a grazing heard of Buffalo.

I signalled back to the hunting party to let them know I had found what we were out looking for. I was watching the Buffalo while the rest we heading towards me slow and steady, when everything seemed to stop, there was no sound. They only things that were moving were the Buffalo in harmony with each other. Looking back now its hard to explain it was like a dance of nature perfect in harmony. The loose earth/soil/dirt what ever you want to call it was the only other thing that was still moving, It was like everything else was transfixed in time.

The soil moved to the vibration in the earth caused by the buffalo. As I lay watching transfixed the soil began to rise to about 4 centimetres from the ground... not all the soil but it sure was a stream of soil like a river flowing steady. It then started to snake its between me and the buffalo and then into a ring around the buffalo. It wasn't confining or restricting them as to their movements. It was flowing with them.

Now looking back over that , the 10 commandments and those 2 messages and the very first one of the night - Abstract woods, Corded cables entwined and taught, Leaping surges, Cascading thoughts. ... it all connected.

It all made sense in one way or another and that first message of the night i believe was like a hint as to what was in store for me lol as when taking time to go over it again before heading to bed I came to the conclusion with some help that.. corded cables, where the chains interlinked ( chains being something i was working with as a way of release over other matters ) abstract woods - were like visions not as the first seem ( was connection to paper from another vision which ties to the wood) leaping surges we had preconceptions like jumping to conclusion without knowing and cascading thoughts to me were the trail or thought or several actually that I had ventured on that night of realisation in a midst everything else.

There's allot that has come out of that night that has benefited me and allot more to learn from and work out but It was as though they were warning me of what was to come without me actually knowing the full extent allowing me the space and time I needed and still need to sort things out rather than have the inner conflict that I have been having and allow myself to arise to the challenge and adapt where needed.

More to come later on when the time is right to share with thee. I am sure that when it is that time that my guides wont desert me instead they will give me that gentle nudge to say that now is the time to share with others what we have shown you so far. I might not understand it all but I am reassured that in due time it will all become clear to me

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