Friday, 6 January 2012


I've spent today researching some things that should help later on trying to put off working with guides again lol ..... should know by know that no mater how long i put something in the end it still has to be done. I was going to work with them this afternoon but every time I went to something got in the way , obviously my timing was out and that it wasn't appropriate to do so at that time off day.

Come 7:50pm was about to log on in to chat but was pulled away after the last time with my guides I knew that it was time to work. I'm not one to relax easily had set aside and hour and a half to allow me to relax and unwind but even that didn't suffice needs as i get coming out of it. Its something i should and need to work on to allow that deeper connection with my guides although I don't that's important just personal preference.

Anyways 20 past 8 and was relaxed enough had the music on in the background that helps me connect to them easier. Mother Earth Round Dance. All I can say is wow that song and my guides really pull together I don't know whether its just be but I was laying down relaxing and it was as though my whole body was beating to the same beat of the drums. It was like the steady beat of the heart beat.

I could feel the vibrations around me change as my guides KB and RC came closer to work.
KB started off pretty much the same was as he did last time. Hovering his hands over me like healing and then placing his hands on my face and applying gentle pressure on the pressure points. This time round felt stronger the energy I mean was stronger the effects of him working and RC chanting with the gentle drumming from the music, the pulse of life beating through the vibrations. KB then started working on my hands again it was like he was focused on pressure points between hands and the arm. This may seem odd but other than working on the pressure points it was as thought he was trying to relaxing the muscles I think he may of been trying to do this to help me relax more.

RC again placed his hands next on my face same as last time above the bridge of the nose on the forehead 2 centimeters apart then slowly running those 2 fingers down towards the top of my eyes then around them and back in towards the nose and down towards the chin. This time round he also did something that didn't happen the last time it was like to strokes on either side of my cheeks.

Once RC had done that he was following KB's instructions and was doing the same to my right hand as KB was doing to my left hand. Working on the pressure points all the while relaxing the muscles as they went. They had then placed my hands gentle back at my sides. Kneeling on there knees they stopped for 5 minutes. At this point I was asked or rather gently persuaded to close my eyes and as i had done I felt someone approach from behind me ( being head area ) and also kneel down along side us.

Now the chanting became louder and a steady chat it was. The energy of the third person I recognise to be Sitting Bull but there are times where I feel as though I am making it all up but then the doubt creeps in. So although sometimes I doubt it I still go with it trusting my senses and feelings. With my eyes closed I was seeing some strange things well strange for me. As they were chanting away I was seeing what looked like my hawk guide soaring above a waterfall, But this wasn't any old waterfall and its not one that is psychically possibly i believe as it had so many diff colours running through the water. Was this the colour of nations united together as we should be today ? Was this the colours of harmony and healing ? I may never find that out but I'm sure one day it may become clearer to me.

The chanting became quieter and slower and I was told I could open my eyes, from what I saw there it was as tho KB , RC and possible SB had there arms raised above there heads and also inwards to from like a triangle the symbol of as Christan's may see it , the father son and holy ghost , to them I believe it was about the great spirit, and all connected.

The slowly lowered there arms and stopped chanting although the drums never lost a beat , still beating away to the gentle beat of life turning in unison through us all. I was then allowed to sit up and given something to drink and given a min. I sat watching and thinking , There was a large fire burning in the center of a circle . Through the flames i thought I had so what looked like some of there ancestors dancing. Now i really thought I was imagining things lol.

A few minutes later KB and RC came back over from talking with SB, yes this time it was definitely SB. As they approached me i watched sitting bull go off into a large tee pee towards the far end of the camp. Both KB and RC helped me up. You know how I said I was allowed to sit up well lol. Again they helped me to my feet and we were heading to wards the large tee pee that Sitting Bull had just entered and I had looked back like I did the last time, Probably checking if they were going over things again like the did last time and I was more like I was my spirit walking with them and my body still laying there relaxed.

That's where I came out of that one from yet another distraction. But wow that really is something to remember and look back on in days maybe months to come as i grow to know my guides, whom I already feel a really strong bond with. I not sure if they've done this procedure with others but It was something special in with it other than general healing there was far more going on for it to be just that.

I Believe there is more to come in connection to this so please stay tuned.

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