Friday, 6 January 2012


While in my Spirit connections class last night I was given something for everyone and that being not only those that were there in the room at the time but literally for everyone.

For the class I had used a beach meditation visual with accompanying music via a video in forms to Finnish it off.

I was sat on the sand watching and listening to the surf of the waves
Relaxing in full knowledge that my guides weren't to far away
The three of them being together that is lol never one on there own (much)
So I was sitting there relaxing and KB ( Kicking Bear ) comes up behind me
Places his hand on my right shoulder and lets me know that he would like me to follow him.
So up I get following KB up the beach off the sand, my other 2 guides trailing behind us but not to far
He leads me to a small settlement of his people
Several things are happening as we head forward all relevant to me but that's not for me yet lol apparently.
Anyways onwards towards their small campfire
We sit down
And he says ......

Summer rain and winter wind are mere figmentational torment with the lands of the people
The hearts of many now blinded to reality
Shadows cast but light shines through
When stands the Eagle ... Tall and Strong
Is then time to take action
Within oneself is all relevance to you
But seek what you need for now
And the rest will come
Over striving achieves nothing
Gentle pacing brings wisdom and self fortune
Not fortune of money but other matters
Then we unite and stands the stream of power
Light Will shine in full glory

Well take from that message what you all may if some want to comment and share what it means to them by all means please do.

Blessings of peace to all xxxxxxxxxxx

Next day he had the following to add for everyone :

time is not how one thinks .. a multi path through many open doors , spread alike your inner wings and allow your beacon to shine

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