Friday, 6 January 2012


I took time out last night and reserved the last moments of peacefulness in my home before falling asleep into the strange worlds of dreamland.. I did something then that I've not been able to do in god knows how long.

After a some what frustrating evening connecting with spirit trying to bring through messages for others that were present. My heart became disgruntled for a moment. My sitter was lost somewhere in the crowd and could not somehow acknowledge the information that spirit was giving out. I continued to sit and monitor the proceedings but you do feel deflated when you've not has sitters for a month or so.

So I sat and sat, watching as the time went on. I became aware of my solar plexus area feeling cold but it wasn't cold to touch. A strange feeling this was and wasn't the first time I've felt it recently. For those that are not sure where this is it's just above the naval.

So the night went on with this central cold feeling. When the time came. I left those surroundings and watched a film. Even then I couldn't settle to some degree. Great film though but there was something ticking over in my mind, something I could not grasp or connect with. When the movie was finished I turned off the laptop and went to bed.

I switched the ipod on and was listening via speakers, then switched to headphones to block out any noise that may of arisen. The music was near heaven to my ears. The Native American flutes and drums was the ticket I needed to connect with my Spiritual Guides.

First when you close your eye's it's almost like you've been swallowed up into the deepest darkest pit grasping for something to hold on to something that is familiar then the safe comforted feeling comes in so we can relax and sleep.

The darkness was there when I closed my eyes it was a night so it would be dark. I allowed my mind and body to relax as the music was playing, becoming somewhat transfixed in the tones and beats of it that the next thing I know I was staring into the eye's of a Grey wolf. In my mind I reached out, it was closer then I thought, It's fur rough and yet so warm. This wolf is known as little Grey to me. She brings great comfort when searching for things only I can unlock.

Then she moved and allowed another wolf to stand in her place. A magnificent animal in every way you could imagine. White coat, white all over, beautiful amber eye's. A calling, looking into those eye's that every thing is OK, that I have come when the time was right. Great wisdom from him. He's my guide. Well my Animal Guide. He's been with me since I can remember and is known as Sharkari. Again I reached out and he nudged my hand up with his muzzle.

I spotted another two standing to the back, One all black say for a white tip on his left ear and a kink in his tail, the other silver like the ripples of water under a moonlit sky. Daturo and Silverheart my fellow companions.

Sharkari lead the way to a place where I was meant to be. A place to which I could sit in front of a large burning fire. Where from the flames the answers and all that I need at the time will come.

I gazed into the flames, Sharkari stayed with me on my right hand side, the others walked to the edge of this place spreading out as the pack does.

Within moments I was aware of my spirit guides presence. I knew the face I could see within my mind. pointing to the flames so I may relax even further. He came and sat down with Sharkari and I, uttering not a word in the silence. He wavered his arm in a circular motion after patting the ground with his hands, then reached one arm up to the sky. Then cupped some of the earth up in his hands and put his hands over his face. To allow the earthen dirt to fall, then he looked into his hands and blew what reaming dust left.. away into the trails of the wind.

I could then hear him chanting or singing. The sounds were near a whisper in my understanding. I could feel a rise in energy spring up my back, upwards reaching my shoulders, to then feel another pair of hands upon them. Hands that have seen many battles, that have lived through so much. But gentle hands all the same..another of my guides.

The longer he kept his hands there, the more I could feel tingling upon my back, the more I felt my self sinking into a deeper state of mind and being. I remember him gently pulling me backwards.. then I hit the pillow and was out cold.

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