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How Do You See It? - 22/10/2009

I've had discussions with many people around me and the main theme that keeps cropping up is that of perception based on preconception leading to concept ... sounds complex doesn’t it.

In all reality it probably is but how many of us actually look beyond the ideas of another to see where they fit for ourselves?
How many of us question what it is that feels right and that which doesn't seem to fit?
How many of us will live through life with the preconceptions someone else has then giving us?
Thus becoming our perception that we then live by and so becoming a concept and a basis for things in which we see or think through.
Does that give you some food for thought or is it already washing over your head in some confusion?

I see as I write this that there will be some blank faces but also I see that it might trigger something in some of you and it might be what is needed just to help you clear some issue of self being

We all know what preconception is right.. you know ideas and thoughts that we may form about something before we actually experience the matter at hand from what we may be told it will be like.

Preconception is one of the bases of perception, perception is that of how we see things in our life and believe them to be true.
In saying that perception can affect that of our recognition and interpretation.

If you were told the sky was red without ever seeing the sky would you believe it to be red. Then one day you when you happened to see the sky for it to be blue.. would you recognise that to be as it is or something different from what knew the sky to be like ?

I think really what lead me to this somewhat obscure annotation was a discussion based on setting ourselves lessons and challenges before we take to walking our journey on earth. This being a pre-life perception that some have will others don't have.

How do we know that we do in fact set our on lessons to learn before we are born. Is it so or Is it based on what others have said. The question at hand was something along the lines of.

Do we choose our life as we want to experience it and if so when we choose a hard lesson to learn will we be stuck with only hard lessons?

Everyone has they're own ideas on this matter, they're own perceptions as you will mine being that we do set ourselves with many lessons before we make our earth walk and all of them will vary in level and all will have a reason behind them. When we then over come one of those lessons we then move on to the next on and so forth it continues.

Some have then gone on to say they regret the lessons in which they have set but how can they really know which they set themselves when they are still making that journey through life.

I always look to the prospect that I don't regret things I've done each mistake in life has and will continue to serve a purpose unknowingly so at the time but it will become clearer down the road.

If we do indeed set our tasks and goals before we take our journey then each one is set with a purpose and intent, there fore there is a reason behind each and everyone one of them for the theory is that everything happens for a reason .. yes that's another perception in life but its one that rings true to me you may see it different that's what makes us special as individuals.

In life we will always make mistakes its how we learn lessons and hopefully we wont have to make them again. We will fail in areas where we hope to succeed not always just in some occasions this again another lesson. We will suffer setbacks and downfalls it's life we all have those issues some more than others I agree but did you ever think why?

Did you come to the conclusion that life is cruel and that your not meant to be happy or did you come to the conclusion that you suffer as you do through life so that you can then aid another who may walk a similar path to that of which you had gone through.

Thus helping them not to suffer the same way in which you did the pain in which we go through in life I see now as being a good thing so to that person who helped me to see that way I owe you big time. But one thing we must remember and take into account is that how a person looks at the experience they have gone through affects how much pain they will feel so their for not everyone will feel it to the same level. Not all situations will be the same.

I can hear the question now , If they don't suffer the same way we are then are they not learning their own lesson?

A good question to ask everyone will see it in they're own way but my answer is my belief that that being they do learn their own lesson but they will learn it with compassion and comfort, with the support and help from those of you who have been in "those shoes" Who in return will have had some help along the way in which to keep them going.

They're lessons may not be the same as yours but they still go through the same pain and the same struggles as you will. Life isn't about being easy or hard. Life is just that Life. It's an experience not to be missed or cast aside and given up so easily its filled with trials and tests with love and adoration concepts filled with every emotion and every word under the sun and stars.

No matter if its good or bad you will still gain a new outlook at the end of the tunnel because that is how it is perceived to be right .. I say yes but some will disagree and that is good allow your thoughts to come through and break the moulds.

What you see as being easy will be hard to someone else and what you see as being hard will in return be easy to someone else.
Its all different and the reason it is so is because where is the fun in everyone going through the same challenges thinking the same things living the same lives seeing things the exact same.
It really does pay to be an individual.

Some will now be saying but I would never ask for any lessons to be taught the way in which they have .. How would you really know how you asked for them, we may not set them to work out a set way just for the lesson behind it that we ask for. We may not ask for things that have happened but they did happen for reasons that may be unknown to us its one of many complex things within that web of life and living.

There would be no fun in life if we were all the same with the same thoughts on the mind. With the same opinions to share with others. With the same feelings. We all see it differently and that difference is the best thing possible for humankind. It grants a thirst for new and deeper learning, creating the awareness and understanding that we should seek and want for nothing in life.
Preconceptions and perceptions in life can be a good thing they can help us to grow but in other situations they can hinder us and our thoughts on situations if we have not experienced that situation first hand. I don't ask for people to see them as good nor bad I only ask that people be aware of what is what when they come to make they're choices or opinions on matters that they have yet to experience themselves. We have all done it though haven't we, made judgement or comment on things we don't know or don't know well enough again part of the human experiences.
When looking to preconceptions and perceptions and how we perceive things to be it is indeed a very complex situation, you can take things a whole lot deeper but to go into the details of each one could take an infinite amount of time and knowing that is there really a right or wrong answer when its based on what we believe or what we feel to be right within ourselves. To me that's what matters - what we feel to be right or what rings true to us. If it doesn't fit with you even after looking into it then it doesn't really matter does it.

I will leave you on that note with the hopes that some of you may be left thinking some things over and seeing with a new light your choice. What I have written here for you is only my thoughts and yes perceptions on what I feel to be right for my thinking your ideas and concepts will surely differ from that of mine and that is the fun side of life and hopefully you may share some of them with us all.

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