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Meeting Sitting Bull goes back to June '08 thereabouts. I was attempting a med to connect to my guides and wasn't succeeding very well, even to this day I can't seem to get into the meditative state so just allow that at night when I go to sleep lol.

So as I couldn't settle in med for my then current guides I gave up and went on to something else and while I went to move on to something else I felt or rather could see something other than what I was currently doing. From what I could see it was like looking through the eyes of my Hawk guide Kayu aka Silver Wings. Soaring close to the ground it was as though sitting at my laptop I could feel the gentle warm breeze from where ever Kayu was.

Was my spirit traveling with her united there together for what she wanted me to see ?

Flying over dry grassy plains then through what looked like a range of canyons. I felt I knew this place , It was as though I had been here before but in this life I knew that I hadn't. I couldn't explain it there was a pull and a yearning to be here again. Maybe this was through a past life connection. After searching the Internet or rather knowing what to type I came across a few images of where I was.

It turned out that Kayu had taken me to the Badlands of South Dakota. While we were here she went flying through the canyon ( not sure if it is or isn't ) I stood at the top and watched her in all her glory soaring through the canyon having a good time catching the flows in the air. As I was watching her my White Wolf turned up and known to me as Sharkari or Silent Paws. With him turning up I knew there and then that I was here for a reason. I knew with him as my teacher there was something to see and take in and learn from. Following Sharkari he lead me away from the canyons over the grassy plains. We didn't have to walk far .. actually I'm not sure if I did walk or not lol but anyways we came to a stop looking before us the land sloped downwards. In front of us yards away there was some mustang horses loose near some Ti Pi's and some children running round.

Here I thought I was getting a lesson in History or being shown a past life of mine, Sharkari then started walking forward just as I was about to ask him why I was there. So trusting him I followed behind intrigued as to what I was seeing and as to why things felt familiar.

The closer we came to the Ti Pi's the less that could be seen . Nothing else was of use apparently as it was not what I was to see. Sharkari led me past 5 diff Ti Pi's all of which seemed to blur away out of sight the closer we got to them. On coming to the 6Th one I thought that too was going to blur away like the rest but it didn't.

A Native American man then appeared in front of this Ti Pi his back was turned to me but even that didn't stop what I was feeling. I felt everything pick up it was like a mass surge in energy around me and through me. Nothing over powering but It was strong. Without turning round he ushered us to sit. As I looked for where we were meant to sit a cushion appeared. I sat down and was watching Sharkari's every movement, silently asking him why I was here and all he did was kept glaring at me, you know the look .. it was like he was saying wait and see. While focusing on him I hadn't noticed the Native American sit down.

Before I realised that he had sat down , he turned and said " stop questioning as to why your here and more on what is there to know ... your wolf has done as was asked and now you are here " that made me take notice.

On turning to look to the man I was rather taken back. I was starting to doubt what I was seeing thinking then that I was dreaming. But then something brought me back to what was happening and told myself to trust what was before me.

He introduced himself as Sitting Bull .. he said he wouldn't give his Indian name as I would not know it which was true I wouldn't have. Give it to me today and I still wouldn't even though I have it written somewhere.

He then started talking but it was like his lips were moving and no sound was coming out. Something or rather someone else caught my eye. Off into the distance there was another 2 Native American men watching Sitting Bull and I, they were muttering between themselves.
Sitting Bull had noticed I had wandered and ushered those two men off. I then remembered Him saying... When the time is right.....

On hearing that I was into myself asking questions quizzing and I'm amazed for although I never said it out loud Sitting Bull had heard me and was looking right at me. He told me " Everyone has a purpose... Not all the same at the same time but many do tread parts of the path the same... Many have gone before you and many will come after you. But what is important is whats there for you and what actions you will undertake. "

This I understood all to well as to what he was saying and knew that choices will eventually have to be made as I carry on forward. More time had passed by in a blur he had a lot to say and show but it obviously wasn't meant to sink in there and then as I don't remember it but what he has shown is there probably just locked away in a safe within my subconscious until the time comes where its appropriate to remember.

As I had got up to leave those 2 other men had again turned up this time Sitting Bull had acknowledged them and said something to them. He then walked with me as I headed back the way we came. I was aware of the other 2 following at a distance talking to each other. I didn't even ask about them for something there and then gave me that answer.

Ready to leave Sitting Bull then told me the next time we meet I will have a new teacher on that I had already met before. One who will help open up new things and ways of thinking to me. This got me wondering and thinking as anyone would. I was trying to work out what he had meant by what he had said there, I acknowledged his comment and thanked him for our visit and just before I was fully back in front of my laptop Sitting Bull had managed to slip in one last message .

That message was - Everything we are, connects to everything else. You remove one equation and all the rest fail.

I left thinking this one over and had come to an understanding of it, speaking of which I have my answer to that in a previous post - A new Guide ?

I would like to point out that all the while I was there with Sitting Bull, I was also fully aware of my surroundings and what was going on around me in the psychical. Taken aback as to what I had experienced I ended up calling on a friend In MSN and explained part of what had happened that afternoon.

That will not be an experience that I will forget easily If at all. I know now what he meant by new teacher for those to men in the background were in fact Red Cloud and Kicking Bear who are now both my guides. And although they are new to my knowledge of working with them ... how can I put it.... It feels like we have had a long standing connection. I know it can revolve around past life's and yes I still to this day feel a past life connection to Native Americans more so at the time of Sitting Bull.

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