Friday, 6 January 2012


I have just finished a marathon reading session with cards online, well many of us had it was a fantastic night that was enjoyed be many we had 13 hours of readings during which my hands were on fire lol anyways I should have gone to bed after that but I didn't I stayed on site to chat with some people and my guides well Kicking Bear was trying to gain my attention and It wasn't happening I was ignoring all of which he was doing . Big mistake should have gone to bed and went to sleep.

When my guides say its time to work there is always native drums being played, and this was such a time and place where the drums were drumming and I was ignoring them trying to listen to music over and above them through my Ipod as I was chatting to friends.It wasn't working the drums wouldn't stop they grew louder and Kicking Bear not talking no for an answer was having none of it. He said time to work and I was telling them No its time to sleep so should have gone to bed but you know me I didn't I carried on that too was a mistake anyway I didn't stay long on chat after those drums had kicked into action I soon left and was talking to someone else asking " Can drums out drum drums " was a joke really. They had asked to me explain what I had meant and on mentioning " Guides " she then knew what I was on about.

Around about 20 minutes Later I had said that I was off I'm leaving, that was in reference to leaving my guides for the night as I was starting to see things just a small glimpse of It and had gone on to describe what I was that I was seeing and one thing left to another and it was as though I was drawn back in to the vision I have little memory of what had actually went on but I was typing as it was happening as it started of from what I had seen to then what i was seeing. My friend had to run off for 20 and asked me to carry on typing so I had done so Last thing I remember typing was about one of the natives raising his hand. But there was more that had been typed after that was like a whole speech that I dint remember typing I had thought that I had fallen asleep the sound of MSN kicking back in when my Friend was back brought me back. So here's what happened.

I started describing the visual as to how I had seen it and then it was as I was seeing it so will add it here in the same way just worded properly rather than short text talk as is the habit in chat or online conversations.
I was listening to music to drown out the drumming that was coming in as my guide really wanted to work so much so that he even appeared in my room for a split second so as I was to take notice but I had my mind set on resting little did I know they had other plans. I sat and listened to my music and I was then shown things and I thought OK as your showing then let me see where it goes at that point it was a small part and when typing to my friend it went further and deeper.

I was sitting sharpening what appeared to be a spear or something for an arrow head who knows could have been a variety of things then a squaw comes walking towards me and signals to me, it looked like she was signaling that it was time and that she wanted me to follow here. I stand up to go with her and as I walk behind her I am joined by kicking bear on my left and red cloud to my right I looked over to kicking bear and then back to where the squaw was by this point she had gone but I knew then where it was I was heading. I could feel someone behind us following us but it was nothing uncomfortable so i didn't even bother to turn around and look. I was heading to a large ti pi with Sitting Bull standing at the entrance holding the flap open for us to enter on in.

On entering this ti pi it was completely dark for a few minutes or so until the eyes had adjusted to the light levels inside. We were in the ti pi ( my three guides and I ) for at least 5 minutes just ourselves. No words had been spoken just gentle calmness and then others come inside from the entrance and join us , then more had appeared but no-one had noticed these men other than myself and my guides for they saw me look at something then looked to me and smiled.

Then a fire burst into life in the center illuminating the ti pi and lighten up the faces of the tribe elders you could see them but couldn't , was as if I'm not to know who they are as it doesn't matter who they are just that I am here now to see whats next. There must have been around 15 people in this ti pi including me.

We were all sitting down relaxing the elders where talking amongst themselves when Sitting Bull stands up from where he was sitting next to Red Cloud and he walks round to where I am and stands behind me and stops, he places his hands on my shoulders he then says something but at this time its not for me to know as its all muffled but i did make out wolf .. or rather walks with wolf soars with hawk . Now if that was in reference to me then it is true within hindsight of my spiritual path.

He then taps me on my right shoulder and I look to him , he then signals for me to stand up so I follow his request and we head to a different part of the ti pi , not to far from the rest but far enough for what is needed. We head to a part of the ti pi where what looks like a bed resides but its not a bed its like a stone table, what a stone table is doing inside a ti pi who knows because i sure don't, he then signals for me to sit down on it for a min.

I sit down and he then hands me a drink warmed by the fire in the centre of the ti pi, it contains what looks like and smells like water mixed with spice and something that i can quite make out. He assures me that its OK to drink it , he must have seen my reaction on my face to make him do that because I was thinking what ... why ... whats in it. So i sip it and it tastes horrible and was going to put it down and pretend to forget about it but Sitting Bull then says " You must drink, you need what comes of it .." it drifts of there into inaudible tone almost a whisper. Trusting him I chuck it to the back of my throat and swallow not wanting to taste the bitterness of it again.

He then says to lie down for 10 minutes and to relax and look to the heavens ... I was asking myself how to you look to the heavens when your inside and sheltered from the elements.. He says "trust , listen and follow the beat close your eyes to see ". So i do as I am instructed and close my eyes, I lie here thinking now what ... Sitting Bull then walks off to the others and hear him or them or someone saying " Now we begin " I'm lying there thinking begin what exactly. One carries on to say " So comes the time the traveler revels in thoughts seeking what lies within it's now time to truly see what mysterious have been hidden, the gateway is now open of the mind , acceptance now is best played to what lies ahead, no road traveled is easy done , no pain suffered is less burdened , no lesson taught is easy learnt.."

I lay here on the stone table thing with my eyes closed but through my eyes I'm looking out towards a waterfall surrounded by stars. I can see what is before me to the extent of wanting to see , with my eyes still closed can see where each of the elders are inside this ti pi. I can see that my other two guides have now stood up and are heading toward me, red cloud walks around me to my right hand side while kicking bear comes to my left hand side Just as the had done on previous occasions as the do this I hear someone say to me to keep still and stay to the heavens.

Once Kicking Bear and Red Cloud have taken there places to either side of me then Sitting Bull comes over and joins them. He now stand behind me where my head is again as before in another encounter with them. Three of the elders now rise and start to walk over and join us they too do as my guides have done but this time they are where my feet are , one stands where my feet are positioned the other 2 stand parallel with Kicking Bear and Red Cloud. They are all spaced evenly out. I still have my eyes closed here. All six of them then lower themselves onto there knees and the two other physical elders as such come over one either side on my guides .. or rather between my guides and the other two who stand by my side. These two elders however stay standing they to me are like over seers.

Those elders now that are in spirit or higher spirit that have traveled to be here with us now stand directly being each physical elder ... as there is one for each of them with one spare. The seventh stays over on the far side of the ti pi , he stands behind the fire as thought he was leading the proceedings with the rest to follow. At this point the elders acknowledge those that have joined us , who they hadn't seen at start but I had ,. either that or they knew and didn't let on that they knew. again someone now says " It is time "

Now the drums start playing that rhythmic pulse of the universe. Without opening my eyes I can see that it comes from the spirit elder who stands over by the fire , its is like he is the leader for oar men in a 10 man skull race.

One of the elders now starts singing in the native tongue and the words themselves along with the rhythm of the drums are enchanting as such , its soothing and peaceful for the soul its a calling of some sorts and here at this point I feel as though the room is spinning but not picking up anything that I should be worried about now I'm feeling a gently blowing breeze like its no longer the dull warmth from the central fire It's like we're not where we were , its like we have been transported to some place else.

I then hear someone say Aho! and Kicking Bear then tells me that it is OK to open my eyes and rise steadily no rush. I do so gradually and see that we are most definitely not within the compounds of the ti pi where we had only just been but each elder who was with me in the ti pi still stands with me now. Along with many many more now;

From what I am seeing its like major gathering of elders past and present as such its as if something has stirred them , its like they have been called something has them worked up and excited if you may there's a buzzing of voices amongst them and its not because I am here all though it might had some connection to it all .

As I look to others I noticed that I am in a group of 14 people including self , there are another three groups of people like this, another three people who are with them who aren't well who are like myself in a way as such that they aren't Native American but they are not me.

One native within my group then starts the drumming again , a slow and steady pulse one that is soon picked up by the others. As they drum I am then led down towards them and in towards an opening in the center of it all . The other three groups follow and we all meet towards the center but don't , we didn't see each others faces , or even communicate with each other all I know is that they are here for the same reasons as I am.

The drums they grow in beat loader with everyone beating in harmony . an opening the the crown starts to appear before us. Its like a path being formed and then someone comes forward through this path all dressed up in the best cloths for a celebrations ?? a ceremony ?? or um a calling to arms ?? the dawning of a new era ?? He raises is his left arm and the others see this and the drums begin to fade and slow to a quite drone before stopping completely

What happened next I dint remember typing but its like a speech of some sorts

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. Welcome people of the Nation.
Our lands have been claimed for many years now. This we must accept but not punish for, Our teachings have dwindled now becoming scarce even in out reservations. The Reservations for some have become like a cell. Our people they want to be free so they set themselves free to be back as one with our spirits.

Some see this the only salvation to years of torment from white man. They see white man as baron of their lands and as a root of all evil. Now we the elders and spirit of our people must connect them to white man. We must once again live as one. Not for ourselves but for that of our children and for that of the Earth.And for that of the Great Spirit who watches down upon is even on this day

We must lead by example and show that we care for the land as much now as we did before it was snatched from our ancestors. We can show that we don't hold the grudge of the loss. We must for the growth of our people see this as our only way forward in life but to never loose our teaching.

This however is not why we are here.

Lands are riddled with pain, torture and nothing but anger, this many have suffered at the hands of others but we say no more. However no-one can change or alter any one's place in life only teach them that true honesty beams with respect from within.

We have been called here today, because we heard the calling we saw the paths laid in the stars and knew now was the time. We have with us some who are being taught and guided upon paths in their lives, we are here to welcome them into our home and our land and to see that they grow with wisdom and knowledge so that they may then pass what they want to others so that they can then see themselves and to spread the word and help others to learn

Our teachings shall become there teaching to a degree. Let's now welcome our long lost brothers and sisters back to the family in which they belong. We are now united under the stars of the Great Spirit and be in knowing that we are now being watched with intent and aided.

We have much to do and much to teach but there is not hurry all of you have connections to other things........

At that point my friend came back to MSN and brought me back from where ever I had gone. I could honestly say that I thought I had dozed off only to be told that I had been tying the whole time that they were away which was for the best part of 30 minutes. So I'm a little bewildered as to what had happened and now wondering as to what the rest of the message was that was being said and I had lost the whole connection but was just as well really considering the time of night. Another one for me to think over as per normal lol

Friday March 17th

Someone had asked if there was more of the message and although at the time of receiving that I had lost the connection to what was happening and to what was being said. Intrigued myself I asked for my guides to allow me to see/hear more. They granted me hearing more of the speech so I will add here from there I left off last time to what I have now.

We have much to do and much to teach but there is no hurry , all of you have connections to other things............carry forward with hope in your heart and be one with self. Know that in time things will settle to the mind. Our home is your home our people are your people. red and white why divide. We the star nation now the rainbow nation let our teachings be shared with those eager to listen.

The time to end our pain comes when our heart cry's enough . We have the power to end our pain with causing no more suffering. Lets unite and live in harmony with our brothers and sisters of the earth.

If one man can make big difference to his life , can't he not make a change to help others in doing so throwing a pebble into the water and watching it ripple.
All it takes is one to rethink their actions

One ripple of motion spreads like our stays across the sky ...... one action to change self may in return help to change others....

Hmmm OK will have to think it all over now. I am thankful to my guides for granting me the wish to go back and hear more.

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