Friday, 6 January 2012

Vision from 29th January 2008

While at work today I had the strangest of images , i was relaxing on my lunch break and although i was completely aware of where i was I was taken somewhere else. ( Thursday 29Th of January )

I was lead through two large doors these doors were heavy thick doors at that. On the inside there was a large plank of wood that would seal the doors shut from the inside like a barricade. walking further there was torches upon the walls the old fashioned ones wood and flame leading towards a large open area. suddenly i was seeing the room from the other end facing towards these doors , before me i could see a large table stone marble . Oct-angle in shape with an inner border. In this border there were odd symbols I couldn't understand them and towards the centre of the table was like a large sun/compass diagram this was all carved into the marble I was then made aware of 1 man to begin with standing near the door not to far away from the table. He was wearing a long hooded cloak with the cloak up covering his eyes from where i was. Then i realised he wasn't alone there was more in the room as you could here the muffled sounds of them breathing and such.

They all stepped towards the table at the same time. hands hidden in the sleeves of there cloaks with hoods still up then again at the same time the all knelt down and bowed there heads all the while there hands never moved. I was then made aware of them silently chanting to begin with then it slowly grew louder most of it i couldn't understand but what i did here were the words ONI MATRA DE VERSAI. Now i have no clue as to why i am being shown this or being able to hear it. When asked I got no reply.

As they started outstretching there arms and raising them up words they were also starting to raise there heads. at this point i was so intrigued and wanted to see more but as they were doing this I found my self in another room which I feel was concocted to the one i had just been in.

This room was again lit by the same torches upon the wall and there was a roaring fireplace with logs burning in the centre of the wall to my right. This room looked more like a scholars study room , loads of books a few chairs and a desk that you had to stand at with an open book on it. I was then shown this book only to see those strange symbols again that were around the table. There was a small open window near this desk , I went to gaze outwards and saw my self gazing up at the stars. and everything changed again back to the first room i was in.

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