Friday, 6 January 2012


OK I've collected together some of the messages my guides have given me to either pass on to everyone or just in general for me

Kicking Bear :
Wind, Earth, Rain and Fire, All natures elements not to be taken lightly. Respect what is given from above and nourish the wondrous love. Given of man to share not for man to dare. Make shelter when needed from stable supply. Respect the ruling of earth and let the rest lie.

Red Cloud :
A tree is but a tree in the eyes of the seer. But in the eyes of the trustee it is more than thee. The living source from spirit, spread out to supply more life. For the birds to rest on the branches, And for the wood to keep you warm. That burning fire the first of winter by the river. The gentle flowing current of energy renewed.

Sitting Bull :
Everything we are, connects to everything else. You remove one equation and all the rest fail.

Kicking Bear :
Summer rain and winter wind are mere figmentational torment with the lands of the people. The hearts of many now blinded by reality. Shadows cast but light shines through. When stands the Eagle ... Tall and Strong. Is then time to take action. Within oneself is all relevance to you. But seek what you need for now . And the rest will come. Over striving achieves nothing. Gentle pacing brings wisdom and self fortune. Not fortune of money but other matters. Then we unite and stands the stream of power. Light Will shine in full glory.
Time is not how one thinks. A multi path through many open doors. Spread alike your inner wings and allow your beacon to shine.

Latest from Red Cloud:( being April 22nd )
Soaring upon the wings of life. Looking over all that's in front, Keeping heads forward never back. Seeing to what you hope for the most. Feeling a burning within the life of the soul, To know that from the ash of fire clears the way for new desires. A fresh path upon the dazzling road but keep your feet as you go. Listen to the wind as through direction you will be guided. Eagle eyes and patience, Trust your inner constitution and live with passion. To spur into action your hearts desires, Through your walk your not alone. This in wisdom will keep you strong

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