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Appearence of a New Guide, 19/02/2009

Why isn't a spiritual life ever simple lol. Always something else that comes up as you settle into a new path on your journey, not contented with me solving there cryptic puzzle of symbols and apparent ancient history they have to throw a spanner into the works and dig me out another guide.

I was sitting in chat talking away about guides and some experiences of what we have been shown from them and what we're working on development wise when I made a comment which I know regret lol and that comment was I hope i don't end up with another native American guide. My current guide who was with me then as we were discussing guides and he likes keeping tabs gave me a rather frowningly look. To be honest it was like a look of displeasure to say the least but also a look as though he was saying don't speak to soon. Well you can see where this is running cant you.

He stood there with his arms folded and after giving me that look which he made sure i had seen I went back to chatting away when I heard someone say Dancing Bear or Kicking Bear it was muffled at the time. When I heard that I didn't want to think it was in connection to me as names imply Native Americans. Well anyways I asked in the room and one other had a Native American guide and she waited until he was close enough to ask which dishearteningly to me turned out to me a massive no.

I was sitting there thinking well if the aren't for you then eek why me lol. Low and behold a tap on my shoulder and who else was standing there with yet another disapproving look , none other than my guide whom I call Red Thunder Cloud , but to see him you'd think he was Red Cloud as the images are identical to him. Very serious man he is lol.

Well there he was standing there looking at me when he outstretched it right arm and I thought oh here we go whats he up to, In his actions of outstretching his arm another Native American approached. The look between these two was as if the knew other. I was like ok now I'm done for two very serious looking Native Americans standing to my right watching over me with the same look of serious and disapproval. I know fine well that both of them being here together there is a reason as to why.

Standing watching me together again Red Thunder Cloud and Kicking Bear. Querying the authenticity of the name I had to look it up and When reading a recorded speech of Kicking Bear, It sent shivers running right through me. How to explain it for me it was like confirmation that I had the right person and the expression someone walking over your grave explains the shiver that ran through me.

Turns out both RTC and KB were of the Sioux nation and both took part or were connected to the battle at little big horn where Sitting Bull was killed. Which for me reading that only confirms things even more for me. These three Great Chiefs were all at Little Big Horn at the same time. And it was Sitting Bull who introduced me to my guide RTC many months ago. On remembering that trip there was another there with his back semi turned to me. On looking back to then and Now i know who that third man was.

On meeting Sitting Bull ( at the time i knew nothing of him all i knew is that he was an Indian chief) He told me something that took me a while to understand. What he told me was - : - Everything we are, connects to everything else. You remove one equations and all the rest fail.
That had me puzzled for a while but i was determined and I have worked it out to the following

Everything we are, connects us to everything else = Our energy's and souls are united for we are one.

You remove one equations and all the rest fall = You take something out from what we are connected to, then the support system fails.

I may be far and few between the truth in that phrase but that's what I have to it and so far I am rather happy with my power of deduction.

More to come later

On going over things Red Thunder Cloud is in fact Red Cloud. He has now confirmed that with me.
Come to think about it after re reading this . I need to re read the battle of little big horn lol , I have it written here that sitting bull was killed there , starting to think he was killed later lol . well come back to me and I might have the right answer posted at one point lol.

Glad i was told to look again, as you can now see from the mini profile of sitting bull he was killed by reservation police at the standing rock indian reserve.

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