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Support System - 27/08/2009

As everyone is aware life isn't easy, full of pain and sadness, filled with love and happiness.

Does that all matter in the end when the end is enivitable when there is so much to go through and face, so much hurt so many tears is it all really worth it?

Fact is YES its worth it. Only when you are faced with these things do you see more clearly. Only when faced with these challenges do you learn and grow in strength, aided from the support of friends who are there to help you though and in return you are there to help them when they need it.

Only when you face head on are you granted the courage to shake of fear to then face what comes to you, with your head high and courage in your heart. We do not know what is expected of us in life .. in fact is there any expectations of us from anyone or anywhere.. maybe so but granted the spirit world expect nothing but for us to be who we are and to not allow things to affect who we are, as hard as that is to say those things to realise thats who we are within it doesnt make up for the fact that when things become overwhelming that there is only so much in life that we can really do and to keep hold of our faith is then another challenge.

To trust in full body what everything is as it should be for us no matter what pain we may be feeling, no matter how sad we are feeling. No matter what trauma we may be facing. Its hard to keep that faith and trust within.

Times of realisation hit you hard when you think surely nothing more can be thrown your way to uspet the balance and then comes along another upset to knock you off your feet to tip the balance even more.

I might be just sitting here typing this as I have nothing else to say or through the fact that from ones inner pain or sadness grows the seed to help others make some sense of why we have to go through such things.

But right now that sense is somewhat hazy for me, with the same things on my mind no matter how hard I try to clear the mind of its rabble to think with clarity, to be able to clear what is not needed to allow the changing flow of energy its passage through the vessel my soul resides within I just cant shift those thoughts, those feelings to qoute but a verse from a song

" I'm like a clown, I put on a show, the pain is real even if nobody knows, I'm crying inside and nobody knows it but me"

Somehow that verse is somewhat apt to how I feel. Theres only so much of me I can share with others so I tend to be that clown as such and hide how I feel so as not to bother others to sit in silence watching myself dazed in some maze of thought, knowing exactly that I am where I should be and that whats going on is eneivitable and destined to be. But no matter how much I know that it doesnt easy anything hence comes the test of faith and the time of self doubt.

But then I come to thinking of other things, simpler smaller things that then ease what was not enitrly just enough to create a balance within the mind.

To then share some with friends who listen, whom help to ease what it is that was building to then raising a smile and having a laugh with them, That little fix of happiness to keep us going, we all rely upon the comfort of friends.

So then comes my thinking that we can learn from how others cope, to being able then to know how to help people through it all to ease them back onto the balance of the mind and soul.

Obviously thats no easy simple task but its one most tend to undertake, some through there own suffering others do it unknowingly.

A sense of relief knowing that your not alone and that there are people even if in the spirit world who will then listen to you to help ease what you carry through the days.

To cheer you up and change your focus. Its these times we forget when its all over, times we take others for granted but do we really ?

Can we look over and see how all that help has changed us in how we act or behave and then how then we use that support that was given to us to then help another who is in need.

That there is not taken actions for granted its a blessing of life and the love that surrounds us is the circle of inner balance and respect also for those who helped you so you can then help them.

This being one of the reasons why I love my friends so much, that of which I have talked of is a common thing in life and that aid to ease you through is always there when you need it.

Do not cast aside your faith or trust, keep it burning strong within you so that you can then aid another person through the same feat as you have come through.

So that you can then share the love within you outwards to them. To help others find themselfs to then steer them in the right way intended...... Nothing is coincidence .. Everything is as it should be... What will be will be

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