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Animal Totems - What are they? 28/07/2009

Animal totems are animal guides and are also known as power animals, animal essenses, they are thespirit of the animal be it a wild animal or domestic animal. The spirit is what lies within that animal. Alternatively an animal totem can be a real animal around you but the theory is they same is there essece/ or spirit that is helping you on your way.

They relate to use in a way that they reflect us almost to a mirror, the refection is our deeper personality they show us our traits and show us what we may need to work on.

They show us this by how they move and live or even feed so if you notice an animal pay attention to what it is doing, how its moving or interacting within there environment. Use this to help you find your traits. If the animal has a trait that you dont then it may be there to help you work on that. So next time you see an animal remember to look at what it is doing and this will quite often help you work out what it has come to you for.

I can give you an example with regards to the wolf:

The wolf has an almost endless amount of stamina, basically can keep going when on the same pace and can easliy be mis understood. They are friendly socialble animals within there pack and they avoid aggression where possible. Family to them come first but the wolf also values its freedom and with that the realise being free comes with respoinsiblilites. Wolf is also known as the pathfinder and a teacher.

Wolf represents highly developed senses with excellent hearing and sense of smell all of which are vital for wolf's survival. The wolf shows how it is feeling it uses its body to communicate with others and the body language on those with this totem is symbolic.

The wolf is my Life totem to date and it refects my personality to the limit. I love my independance and freedom and know that with each comes many resposinsiblities. I value the connection I have with my family that strong bond that will carry on through anything as the past year have shown to me.

Many often wonder how I can be up late at night and keep on going even with little sleep this reflects the stamina of the wolf who when running to a steady pace can cover vast distances over the day.

I love my friends that I have and can be wary of newcommers as would the wolf be with strangers entering the territory of its pack. I avoid all confrontation where possible.I'll be the one to stand back out of the way not willing to fight unless i needed to and even then It would leave me feeling bad about myself.

The pathfinder part i'm not totaly sure upon but it regards to guidance and some do come asking for some help with that and the teacher, the wold teaches sacredness and spirtiuality which comes through to a dregree when Im doing classes on site.

It could be possible that while they teach me to walk my path within spiritualism that they are also teaching me to deveolop upon my senses to guide me to where I should be. I can see, hear and smell when there is a pressence around me, not all of the time but each has proven useful and senses grow the more we atune to them and there level.

I can often tell from how someone stands and holds themself refers to how they are feeling , whether it being comfortable or defensive or with something to hide. If its meant to be seen and your looking for the signs the become open to you,

So with me looking into the wolf for myself and often for others, how it lives and moves has given me a great deal to think on in that of which where it stands within my present life time. The more I look to wolf the more I see me within the eyes of every animal is is soul, within the eyes of every being is the opening of the heart. To look is to be curious to act is to be thoughtfull to accept is to be couragous.

SO think again when you see an animal wihin dreams or upon the street as to what it is trying you tell you, You will truely be amazed at what you may find.

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