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20/05/2009 Post 2 of 2

Back in January 2009, I had been at work and was on my lunch break when I had a very strong vision which I have already noted down and shared with you, this however is an extension of that last record of events. During that visual I had seen some interesting things that I’ve already shared with you as much as I could remember. In that other record I told of a phrase that I was given and that it wasn’t given in English but that of another language so I had noted it now and briefly mentioned it in the previous note. There was a reason why it was only a brief mention and that was down to being that I hadn’t worked out what it meant or rather what the deeper meaning was and well now I believe I have been getting somewhere and will say that I haven’t done it on my own I have had great support and help from many friends.

Going back to the phrase as it is the purpose of this note or whatever it turns out to be later on. I noted down what I had been given so that I could work on it more than just trying to guess as to what it could be. I kept such notes until such a time as now when I write this not only was the phrase spoken to me but it was also written down so that I could see it. This had helped especially when I received the phrase again 4 months after receiving it the first time round.

The first time I received the phrase it wasn’t as clear as it could have been anyways I had noted it down and had left it at that and didn’t think anymore of if, actually being honest I had pushed it aside not thinking that it was important as being given a message or phrase that wasn’t in the language that I understood so in theory that was that. I pushed it aside not knowing at the time what to do with it and thus it had consequently slipped my mind. Until that was one Saturday afternoon on the 10th of May 2009 where I had come home from a 9 hour shift at work and had started to unwind and relax this being around 5pm there about.

I must have let my guard down as before I knew it I was hearing that phrase again : oni matra de versa carpe set decorum , then I noticed that it wasn’t just that phrase as before they had added another 2 words and it soon became oni matra de versa carpe set decorum inspiritus dis certium. Hearing that phrase again soon made me take notice and it re-ignited the memories of the last time I had heard it and it stirred something within me something that I’m still not sure on what but it was a passion for something and that then made me want to know what it meant.

So again I found myself noting down what I had, as I had become accustomed to doing so over the last few months with things that I have been given from the spirit world. Later that night I started looking for possible translations with some solutions but none at that time seemed to ring a bell or strike a chord within me. What we were coming up with somehow didn’t feel right within some was guess work really which would probably explain why it never did feel right.

Anyway upon searching and getting no-where on my own I asked for some help from friends and I was talking to one and they had mentioned the brightest or one of the brightest stars of the Pegasus constellation and something within me had clicked so before I searched for the constellation I asked my guides for the full phrase again, for it to be said slowly and also written clearly so that I may then understand whether I had noted it properly or not.

Spirit and my guides gladly did as I had asked and were more than quick enough in giving me the phrase again. When they had written it then said it I noticed something had changed, the words themselves hadn’t really changed but the spelling had altered from what I had it noted as. It went from oni matra de versa carpe set decorum inspiritus discertium to oni matar de versa carpe set decorum inspiritus dis certium. Initial thoughts caused me to think that the whole phrase was Latin but first appearances can be deceiving as I soon found out.

Upon breaking down the phrase to translate it with the help of my friends who know who they are and whom I have to thank with great appreciation for their time and helping. With out their help we wouldn’t have gotten where we did. With that help we came up with the following on breakdown.

Oni becoming one. Matar which is Arabic means lucky star of rain which is one of the stars on the Pegasus constellation which one friend did comment on before and that star is one of the brighter stars hence matar became bright star for this purpose of translation. As far as I can see de versa means about to whirl. Carpe is to seize or to hold for this purpose it became to hold.

Decorum means grace or beauty. Inspiritus means quite a few things actually but the one that fitted with what we had, not that the other meanings didn’t well you’ll see when it all comes together hopefully. Inspiritus means work as though guided by spirit or the divine and dis certium means rich contest.

Overall the whole phrase once translated from oni matar de versa carpe set decorum inspiritus dis certium becomes: One bright star about to whirl, hold on with the grace and beauty and work as though guided by spirit or the divine in rich contest.

All in all it had taken 4 months to translate that message from what it was to what I have it to be now and I feel positive that what we have come to is what it is meant to be. They always say to look beyond the obvious and not always to take the first answer just because it is the easiest or the first one you come to doesn’t mean that it is the one you have to settle with.

I had other ideas on the translation as to what it could have been but the one that I have written here is the one I feel a really strong affinity with as odd as it may seem. I have a strong feeling that it might just be the proper translation as it was meant to be. It might not be an accurate translation however I can’t help but feel the way I do.

One bright star about to whirl, hold on with grace or beauty and work as though guided by spirit or the divine in rich contest.

One small phrase that holds so much within its words and I feel many can take something from what it is but personally for me there is a deeper meaning to this phrase than first meets the eye and again I’ve had to look outside of the box

For be it becomes something that is not only personal but also meaningful that I believe we can all take from it. That one bright star is each and every one of us on a personal level, we are all guiding lights ready to shine and lead to where ever someone may need to be led to, when things are about to whirl that would imply things are on the change sometimes for the better but its what we take from the change that truly matters.

Many have felt for a long time that a time of change is fast approaching but does anyone know for certain or can we only hope and presume that this so called change is for the better of mankind?

Hold on with grace and beauty to what you know to be true and to what you believe, keep that integrity about everything that you have and with that it can’t steer you to far wrong can it?

We are all guided on our way in what ever we do be it by someone close to us or someone we have never met in person, to even the spirit world helping us in the right direction. If we can work and be guided by them and keep our heads that they steer us in the right direction and to follow what you feel to be true and the true path that the divine or true creator has set before us for we all need that guidance some more than others and there will be times where we need it more than we ever did.

The rich contest part well this took some mulling over and long thinking time spent on this part when rich contest suddenly came to be the life we live . That contest being the battle of life with its ups and downs that its to full and rich of rewards if followed as meant and to know that as we battle this life walk stage in our paths we can do so gracefully knowing that we are never truly alone and that there is always someone walking with us in every direction that we take, through every change we undertake. I now hand my meaning of that phrase over to you all. Some will see it differently and you are more than welcome to agree or disagree for my interpretation is just that mine.

Having translated the phrase and found an inner meaning to it for myself, that whole phrase makes more sense now than it did when I first started working on it. Even after we came to a translation conclusion I still couldn’t quite make heads or tales over it. That was until I started to remember some other things that I was shown with the visual.

When I then think back to what else I had seen that phrase makes more of a deeper understanding within myself as when I was in the rooms and halls of that place where I received this message I was shown a model of the solar system and charts mapping the stars but at the time none of them clicked with myself and its only now that I’ve worked through that phrase that I see now more clearly as to why I was shown them. I wasn’t looking to the information presented before me but now I look back and can see the connection and understand it and think to myself why it didn’t back then but all things in due time.

When I looked within before I received the message I was confused and lost, feeling rather empty and felt like I didn’t belong, there was a yearning to go home… But home is where?

When I looked inwards to the soul that is within me at first look it appeared to be just darkness this was when I felt empty and hollow but at that time I was searching for who I was and when I overcame that darkness within, it was no longer darkness.

After the eyes adjusted it wasn’t darkness but there were hundreds of little white lights like stars. Those stars keep me going even now, each one is a glimmer of hope and faith. Each one an inspiration to lift the soul and to keep on going. Knowing that many beliefs and cultures believe that from the stars we are born and so to the stars one day we shall return. I can’t tell you how much this rings true within my soul but I strongly believe in that and it makes even more sense to me now that it would have done back in January .

When I was given the Oni matar de versa carpe set decorum inspiritus dis certium phrase. I was also given another message which was: We unify the world and signify all. We hold the truth. We are who we are and only the select will see. The senses will be reached and time tested. The bridge re-built. The walls be mended. This comes not of one but many.

Which again I've broken it down and looked into possible meanings to this although the meaning from the whole thing is simple enough to understand I felt there was more to see than meets the eye.

This is what I have come to: We unify the world could be in relation to each individual when coming together to form a group. We signify all; again I feel it’s about each individual, life and all inclusive of life. We hold the truth; well I believe that within us all we all hold the truth that we seek from the past long ago and the present.

Only the select will see, I know this has thrown some people in the past but I feel its more down to being those that seek and want to see will in given time.

As for the rest of the message: The senses will be reached and time tested. The bridge rebuilt. The walls be mended. This comes not of one but many. I feel that this could mean that our senses will be pushed to the limits and some may stumble and fall out with others who had once been very close to them and patience with others could also in time be stretched to limits causing over reactions but with support we can mend the bridges and heal the rifts between friendships and life that we so easily tore down and when we do we won't be along because we will all have the support and aiding of many to help us.

Even more so I feel that whole message goes deeper and I'm scrapping the surface, I also feel that’s its more about people coming together as a unit and not focusing on other things for changes are approaching and it is then up to us as individuals as the beacons of hope to help and hold it all together for everyone who needs a helping hand and remain standing strong with our roots fully grounded into the earth.

Determination will see us all through anything that stands in our way and more so when we are not left on our own but when we stand united as a group building from strength to strength from the support of each other. Bridges of the past that has since come tumbling down I feel will be re-mended and this will help everyone to move on and prepare themselves spiritually. If we all work together where and when we can then creates a big difference to all.

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