Friday, 6 January 2012

14/07/2010 - A Letter To The World

It has come to my attention that several unnecessary changes have been on going in your ever watchful presence around us. We understand change is a way forward in life and a new learning curve for us to endure, to embrace and over come with as much dexterity and undulating courses as we have continued in our on going circles and journeys.

Surly however that some changes given to us are only then becoming a hindrance rather than creating the perfect chances so that we can embrace with passion, rather than moan and groan with frustration at the difficulties that we have to endure in this life time.

I fully understand that we can't have a perfect world where everything is as we would hope it to be. When we would have the sun shining through the day whilst the rain would await the nightfall, but then we would miss the wonders of a clear night sky. Where we would fail to see how much beauty there is within the stars of a distant magnitude.

If we had this perfect world, what would we write about as surly there would be nothing to complain about nothing to truly be proud over as we wouldn't have the bad feelings to know when we felt good and proud over things in our constant changing lively hoods that we so happen to brace ourselves for. It's our nature as things stand to find the imperfections that make us who we are, that also make us tick when things pick that little piece of string that seems to pull further making something to be what it isn't.

Change is a wonderful thing granted that most times it's when we least expect it but then given that surly those are the times that we really need that welcome break of fresh air to keep us turning to keep us looking out at the world before us.

I understand that when you suffer, we suffer to, when you laugh we laugh with you. That when you cry we feel your tears upon our very being that we can stand with you and try and be helpful to ease your sorrow. Like we should be there for our fellow beings of mankind and within the animal kingdom. But we have become to engross in our living and within the societies in which we come from that we forget to be human as intended. That we forget to be the spiritual beings of essence that we truly are.

We don't need to worship a god to know that there is a higher cause for what surrounds each and ever day. We would love to have all the answers as and when we need them in any way we could lay our hands on them, but where would the challenge and fun be without any of that.

Your unnecessary changes do make for complex living situations and creates higher or lower demand for subjects and objects but it also gives us due course and purpose for living. Where I see it, your changes give us the balances that keep us down to earth, that give us something to talk about, to complain about, and something that in times we can be happy about.

I say we should welcome the changes and embrace life as it unfolds before our very beings that we can carry on this trend for the better of ourselves and to aid that of others as we go about it. I welcome your energy and feelings into this place and time that you may then help me to chart my course forwards as I accept and embrace the challenges that you deem fit to throw in my way.

Change... I shall embrace it

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