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Light In The Darkness - 27/08/2009

When you're close to losing those that you love, or those that you have loved and lost through what ever illness they may have had or however they went.

No matter what your beliefs are in life or what you experience through life. When we go such pain and raw emotion when we loose those we love it can send some over the edge to a point where they feel they can't cope.

But the support is there for anyone and to know how to find that is the key. There are people you can go to and sit and talk. Your friends will often lend you there shoulder and give you the support you need to help you through. There is no need for you to suffer but do give yourself that time that you need and never feel rushed.

Its times like these where going through such things can kick up thoughts and feelings that we never even knew we had inside us. Raw emotions coming to the surface burning away at us from inside out. Where everything happens for a reason and purpose but we just can't see what that is while we feel the way we do, no matter how many times others are there to help us through.

It's a test of faith and takes our beliefs to the max, it can quite often test the strength and courage of who we are. It can quite often create doubt in our minds of why these such things have happened, then your found to be digging yourself out from the hole you put yourself in because of how you suffer inside.

And yet we still fight on.. we find some inner strength from where we thought not possible and it gives us the courage to get through the following days, weeks or months to come. We battle on knowing that we can't just sit and allow ourselves to wollow in what we feel.

Even if you still have your doubts there is still a reason to carry on. People like myself who are spiritual in there beliefs who believe in life after death.. we don't fear death for we know that life goes on and when a loved one passes we know that they are moving up a level, to a place that is free of pain and suffering where they are reunited with there friends and family of days gone by.

But even though people like myself do not fear the aspects of death our human side still takes over and thats what causes us all the pain inside.

We know within ourselves that we still have contact with those we love who have moved on to a better world. We carry with us each day a piece of them in our hearts and the memories within out minds.

But knowing that does not ease the mind of what we feel for we still miss that contact with them, we miss seeing them on a daily basis in the flesh. We miss hearing them on the physical level that everyday contact we had with them.

We miss the memories we could have shared together, but as they say life goes on within this world and the next. No matter how I look at things in this aspect i'm left thinking to myself that is what I know about the after life meant to make it any easier for us to accept loosing those we care about.

Is it meant to make the pain be any less than that of which we feel?
Is it meant to give us some sort of comfort in knowing that they are still around?

Sometimes I'll sit and think about this and know that it does ease the pain a little but our human emotions take hold even when we try to not let them.

No matter what your beliefs are when you loose a loved one or are in the process of knowing that the time is coming to say your last goodbyes to them so that they can then move on.

When things like this happen all that knowing of them moving on to a better place where they dont feel pain goes out the window and we feel like any other person feels in the same situation.

But we do not have to suffer in silence, as I mentioned earlier there are people to help you through who will be happy to support you and lend you there shoulders. DO NOT allow your pain and suffering to burden your heart. Talk to someone, let it all out, it might not feel like it is helping at the time but trust me when you look back you'll be glad you had that support.

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