Friday, 6 January 2012


Another one for you all. This time the experience was a one to one with Sitting Bull. Initial memories of this encounter would have come about after what appears to be some sort or celebration. They dying hours afterwards while others settle down Sitting bull had signalled that he was wanting to speak to me or at the least show me something.

So I went over to see him, he was over near the camps large fire that's now slowing and decreasing in size.. but still burning away with warmth . We both then sat down on the ground. Everyone else by this point had all but gone from sit and earshot. Sitting Bull sat in silence until everyone was out of his site. I'm not sure why he did that but he did so there you have it.

The night now still bar the crackling of the fire before us. We sat in silence as such for a good 20 minutes. This was Sitting Bulls way of getting me to relax more and focus on each breath,
absorbing in the base and energy of the earth. Allowing that state of complete relaxation.. well almost complete.

Now that he was happy with that he started saying something or rather muttering something at the time that was to me either inaudible or I wasn't to hear that just yet anyways on he goes and I turn my gaze to the fire before us. Sitting Bull then stands up and signals to me to remain seated. He then pulls out what to me looks like a small pouch with something inside it. He reaches inside and pulls something out. I can't see what it is as but then its not meant to be known as such. Whatever it was he took from the pouch he soon threw onto the fire.

I was as ever intrigued by every movement that was made and when he threw something onto the fire there my eyes transfixed. For within the fire it looked as though there was signs of life of rather there were flame images and they were depicting a story.

By this time Sitting Bull had sat down again and was sitting with his eyes closed. I think this was more something that he was trying to prove. That I feel goes with that I will stay.
From that moment there with Sitting Bull sitting with his eyes closed I had averted my gaze back to the fire with flame imaged depicting a story .... one that may come to light later on ... anyways at this point I felt as though something had clicked. Watching those flames and just sitting there I felt completely at ease and relaxed .. felt doesn't mean to say i was thought lol. And I believe the lesson there to be that when we want to relax we don't always need for the dark of eyes closed to be filled with nothingness. If we feel at peace when we want to relax then that will aid to whatever it is that we see or feel around us. We can look to memories within the comfort of our own personal album ... our mind.... for there is nothing there that can change your idea of what you are seeing other than yourself.

I may have wondered far from the bush there but at present that is my representation or rather what I felt he was trying to teach to me for I have issues when it comes to relaxation or mediation. The other thing it could be is reclaiming that connection to nature and using nature itself more in my surroundings where it is possible to work on a personal level.

OK back to Sitting Bull. 20 minutes of more peace and me watching the flames Sitting Bull then moved slightly opened his eyes and moved his arm. Again he had mumbled something but I think I caught enough of what he had said to understand. Looking at him at this point he had a slight smile on his face like he was proud of something. He then pointed to the flames and I heard him say focus on that. I looked once more to the flames and then well this is odd but never the less. From out with the fire flew a bird, but it is not as mythology would have you think for that bird is not a phoenix rising from the ashes. To begin with the bird was all flame and as it flew from the fire it transformed into and actual bird. I personally see it as being a Raven and if this was the case then it would tie in with everything so well. For the raven as some see is the go between from the spirit world and this world. It leads the wolf in totem and is much respected amongst native Americans.

Well another posting and another interesting experience that I shall at one point or another really have to sit through and mull it over to see it my interpretations have since changed or if something else comes to light at a later point in time

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